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NFL Minute: Highest paid NFL quarterbacks are not the most successful

Now that Derek Carr has his new contract, and Kirk Cousins is on a one year deal for nearly 24 million dollars…. that means their are five QBS who will be above 23 million in terms of a:Carr, Andrew Luck, Carson Palmer, Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins. That means those 5 QBs alone will make more than 121 million dollars total. And they have one...count it...onemore than AAron rogers. Eight make more than Ben Roethlisberger. Thirteen make more thanTom Brady! Yikes! There’s no doubt that if you have a good quarterback...he’s worth paying. But QBs are never remembered for being the highest paid. They are remembered for getting to and winningSuper Bowls. And sgf g fg ff gf gf ggg f g g f g o far and the top of the earnings charts, dollars have yet to equate to many titles.
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