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Rescued baby raccoon wakes up from anesthetic in the cutest way

This baby raccoon was found with severe injuries on its face. It had been seen by staff at a local zoo and it appeared to be orphaned. There was a dead mother raccoon on the road near the zoo and the staff believed that the baby was now on its own. The baby was seeking shelter in the camel enclosure so staff decided to catch it and get it some much needed help. When they finally did manage to catch it, they noticed that it had some facial injuries. The raccoon was taken to a veterinarian in Peterborough and her staff found that the raccoon had a large tear on its upper lip, fractured teeth, and some other more minor injuries in the mouth area. This little orphan had either been struck by a car or attacked by an animal. It's even possible that it was unwittingly stepped on by a camel. The staff at the veterinary clinic gave the raccoon an anesthetic and they removed a few teeth, stitched her gums and lip and flushed her wounds thoroughly. With pain medication and antibiotics, this little sweetheart would make a full recovery. She was placed at a local rehabilitation center where she will heal and grow, eventually to be released into the wild. The veterinarian and technicians who worked on this little orphan melted when they first saw her, and even more when she wok up from anesthetic. Groggy and confused, she tried to look around. She pawed at her nose and struggled to wake up. Raccoon babies are simply adorable!




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