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LeBron going to the Rockets in 2018?

Would Michael Jordan be a megastar in modern-day NBA?

The game has wildly changed since Michael Jordan took the league by storm 30 years ago Would he find a way to shine now? The biggest issue for him would be shooting Despite some improvement at the end of his career, he was quite bad from distance Among the 255 players who have attempted at least 1,500 three-point shots, he has the 26th worst percentage That didn't matter much back then and should matter even less now BJ Armstrong was the only starter next to MJ to shoot better than 40 percent from three Now just imagine the spacing he would enjoy with two or three decent outside shooters next to him Also consider hand checking is no longer allowed in the league And that the era of the dominant defensive centers is but a distant memory Peak MJ would be even more dangerous driving to the rim now He would do really well defensively too A master pass interceptor in his heyday, his toughness and explosiveness would help overcome indirect screens That's key in order to make modern-day snipers uncomfortable when shooting the ball MJ went from iso specialist to killer mid-range shooter, which would be an anomaly in today's NBA But few players would be able to exploit the game to their advantage like MJ
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