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Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio Animation 2

Cadillac unveiled its first two Halo concepts at last year's CES: the PersonalSpace single-seat vertical take-off and landing concept that literally elevates its passenger above the noise and congestion of ground traffic - and SocialSpace, a spacious, autonomous vehicle for up to for six people with a high relaxation and comfort factor. The concept of this portfolio is about showing passengers new ways of using the time they have gained during the journey and offering them space to relax. Full autonomy frees you from the responsibility of driving the vehicle, while spectacular design and the most advanced technologies maintain the sensation of traveling in a Cadillac. Technologies such as biometric inputs and machine AI learning complement the Cadillac-typical luxury environment and product experience. With software-defined features and state-of-the-art connectivity powered by GM's 'Ultifi' software platform, the 'Cadillac Concept Halo' portfolio could provide each passenger with a personalized experience, with software updates delivered seamlessly via an 'over the air' internet connection. The user experiences of the Halo portfolio thus demonstrate the great potential of 'Ultifi' in combination with autonomous technology. The 'PersonalSpace', 'SocialSpace' and 'InnerSpace' concepts can be seen on the CES GM virtual display this week, along with a video preview of future luxury travel and another study called 'OpenSpace' to be unveiled at a later date.
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