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BBC Breakfast’s Nina Warhurst ‘mortified’ after being mistaken for being pregnant

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 28/09/2022 Dominique Hines

BBC Breakfast presenter Nina Warhurst has revealed that she was mistaken for being pregnant on London transport.

The mother-of-two took to Twitter to share the mortifying moment.

She wrote: “I know people say London isn’t a friendly city, but someone just offered me a priority tube seat thinking I’m pregnant, which I’m not..."

She added somewhat sarcastically: "So that’s nice isn’t it." She added an emoji that displayed that she was mortified alongside a laughing one.

The 41-year-old, who regularly appears on the BBC morning show as a stand-in host or business correspondent, received several messages of support.

One wrote: "Not sure to laugh or feel sorry for you. At least the gesture was there."

She replied with a picture of her large plate of full English: "Blaming my tiny breakfast."

Another stated: "Maybe they know how hard you work and they thought you deserved a seat." While a third said: "Oh bless you! I have to say your response is delightful!"

Warhurst and co-host Dan Walker on BBC Breakfast (BBC/INSTAGRAM) © Provided by Evening Standard Warhurst and co-host Dan Walker on BBC Breakfast (BBC/INSTAGRAM)

The journalist has been married to caterer Ted, with whom she shares children, Digby, six, and Michael, four.

Back in April she posted a side by side before and after image of herself comparing her tummy.

She captioned it: "The belly comes, the belly goes, sometimes with babies, sometimes with cheese and crisps.

"Sometimes with exercise, sometimes with stress.

“ Sometimes it balloons with my menstrual cycle. Sometimes it doesn’t.

"One thing is consistent - men I’ve never met will highlight the fluctuation, and offer me feedback. Cheers fellas. It’s VERY important to me and I take it VERY seriously," she joked.

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