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Frozen's Idina Menzel regrets 'Let It Go' change

Digital Spy (UK) logo Digital Spy (UK) 25/01/2023 Dan Seddon

Frozen actress Idina Menzel made one regrettable decision while recording the iconic track 'Let It Go'.

She voices Elsa, the queen of snowy Arendelle, in the Disney franchise (which itself went on to spawn a musical production) and during her recent chat on CNN, Menzel reflected on her willingness to make the character feel "more vulnerable" to audiences.

"I knew it was a real accomplishment and a great get to be a Disney princess, to be welcomed into the Disney family and be in a musical, I knew that that was pretty epic, but I had no idea it would become the phenomenon that it did," she began.

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"So, I came in once and I sang it and I came back another time, because they had written another part to it and they changed some of the lyrics.

"I realised that I felt like my voice sounded too mature, in order to really embody this young woman that you see in the movie, so I asked them to take it up — I don't know why I did that, because when I'm in concert all over the world and I have a cold and I just want to kill myself," she joked.

"But I asked them, 'Let's take it up a half-step and see,' because then it sounds a little bit more innocent in my voice, a little younger. As I was watching it just now, I was thinking, 'Jeez, what was I thinking there.'

"But, I'm glad, because she sounds a little younger and little bit more vulnerable."

Elsa in Frozen © Disney Elsa in Frozen

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Away from sore larynxes, Menzel's co-star Kristen Bell (Princess Anna) previously weighed in on a potential Frozen 3 while stopping by Jimmy Fallon's talk show.

"I know Idina recently said she would do it. And I feel like if we're all in, like, what are we waiting for? We want it, let's do it!" she said.

Frozen 2 is streaming on Disney+, and available on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K. Tickets for the West End musical are available here.


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