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Meet Ana De Armas - Bond Actress And Star On The Rise

Grazia logo Grazia 18/01/2021
Ana de Armas wearing a dress © Credits: Getty Ana de Armas

In 2017, Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford starred in sci-fi sequel Blade Runner 2049. The film was praised for its stunning visuals and clever script, and yet somehow a young, relatively known actress stole every scene she was in. Her name was Ana de Armas. Her depiction of a hologram named Joi was the most human and affecting aspect of the entire film. It was clear to all that a new star had been discovered.

Earlier this year, Ana delivered on that promise when she hit headlines after being seen with Ben Affleck. The pair met while working together on film Deep Water, but enjoyed several dinners as a pair, and have been photographed walking along the beach, looking very much involved.

Soon, it became clear that this was no fling. The actors were seen together throughout lockdown, photographed on errands, visiting each other's houses and, when quarantine eased slightly, hanging out on the beach with Matt Damon. Reports said that the pair are moving in together, but People has now reported that the romance is over. The pair have split amicably, apparently.

Of course, we wouldn't have known about some of their days out if it weren't for Ana's dedicated fan Twitter account, @ArmasUpdates. The account kept rigorous tabs on the actress, and while they did occasionally offer a tongue in cheek entry - they often, for example, mocked Ana and Ben if they were seen without masks - the founder promised that they were genuine fans and meant no harm or invasion of privacy.

Nevertheless, the account has now been suspended or deleted. Conspiracy theories swirled. There were suggestions that the account belonged to Ana herself and she felt it was time to stop (we know, ridiculous). Others wondered if intense fans of Ana - aware that the star was not a fan, shown by the fact that she had blocked them on her own, official account in April - found a way to take them down. Will they be back? We hope so.

Ana is an enigmatic and captivating screen presence. Born on 30 April 1988 (she's 31), in Cuba, Ana grew up in Havana with her parents and her brother. After drama school, she moved to Spain to work in television, before heading west take a chance in Hollywood. The risk paid off. After Blade Runner, she was cast in Knives Out alongside an impressive cast - Daniel Craig, Toni Collette, Jamie Lee Curtis among them. But it was Ana who walked away with a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Or Musical.

a close up of Ana de Armas © Getty

Next, she will be seen in Bond franchise No Time To Die, playing Paloma. Little is known of the character, but she clearly matches the spy in the action stakes: stills and clips show her brandishing an impressive firearm, all while killing it in a gorgeous navy dress. We will, however, have to wait longer than anticipated to see more: the film's release has been delayed until later this year..

Most thrillingly, though, Ana will play the definitive blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. Titled Blonde, the series is based on Joyce Carol Oates's 2000 novel which re-imagines the actress's life.

Ben or no Ben, Ana's rise seems a dead cert. Not bad for a hologram...

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