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Netflix viewers react to The Princess Switch 2 trailer: ‘This looks terrible, I can’t wait to watch it’

The Independent logo The Independent 10/11/2020 Isobel Lewis
Vanessa Hudgens, Vanessa Hudgens, Vanessa Hudgens posing for the camera © Provided by The Independent

The new trailer for Netflix’s latest Christmas film, The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again, has been released.

Following on from the hugely popular 2018 festive movie, The Princess Switch sequel will once again star Vanessa Hudgens as both American baker Stacey DeNovo and her long-lost doppelganger, Duchess Margaret Delacourt of Montenaro.

Having pretended to be each other in the first film and fallen in love with people from each other’s worlds, the trailer for Switched Again reveals that after swapping back Stacey and Prince Edward (Sam Palladio) are still going strong, but Margaret and Kevin (Nick Sagar) couldn’t survive the long-distance.

With the hope of her friends rekindling their romance, Stacey suggests that herself and Margaret switch places – as they did in the first film – and live as each other again, only for a spanner to be thrown in the works as a third look-a-like, Margaret’s cousin Lady Fiona, appears, who is also played by Hudgens.


The trailer was released on Monday (9 November) afternoon, when it split audiences online who were either cringed out by or obsessed with the film’s cheesiness.

“THE PRINCESS SWITCH 2 ???? MY HEART IS SO HAPPY,” one fan commented.

The Princess Switch is getting a sequel?!?!!?!!? Kevin and his fine self is back! Vanessa Hudgens' mystery accent is back! We are switching again why? I don't even care,” another tweeted.

“All hail Vanessa Hudgens the Mariah Carey of Netflix Christmas movies,” one viewer wrote, referencing Hudgens’s additional appearance in 2019’s The Knight Before Christmas for Netflix.

“It’s the year 2043. Vanessa Hudgens stars yet again in the classic Christmas franchise, The Princess Switch: The Final Switch, playing an impressive 22 doppelgängers,” another commenter joked.

Perfectly summing up both positions, another tweet read: “Princess Switch 2 looks terrible. I can’t wait to watch it 9 times in a week.”

The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again is released on Netflix on 19 November.

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