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Mischa Collins: 'Supernatural' Cast 'Will Mourn the Death of Our Characters'

Who will survive the end of <a href="">Supernatural</a>? It sounds like at least one main character will not, if Mischa Collins knows anything ahead of the <a href="">series’ 15th and final season</a>. <a href=""> TV's Most Shocking Deaths </a> “We’ve developed real emotional attachments to our characters and I think we will actually mourn the deaths of our characters as if <a href="">we were mourning</a> the death of a friend,” the actor, who’s portrayed Castiel in the drama since 2008, told Us Weekly exclusively. “I’ve literally watched <a href="">Jared [Padalecki]</a> and <a href="">Jensen [Ackles]</a> tear up thinking about the end of the show and it’s not that they’re tearing up because they’re jobless,” he added. “It’s because they have developed such an attachment to these two characters and the relationship between these two bothers. It’s a strange thing. It’s maybe a little bit schizophrenic!” <a href=""> Fictional TV Hometowns </a> Us Weekly also <a href="">watched Padalecki tear up.</a> When asked about saying goodbye to his character, Sam Winchester, the actor became extremely emotional, telling Us, “I feel like I’ll never really say goodbye to him.” For more, watch the exclusive video above. <a href=""> TV Shows Gone Too Soon </a> Supernatural‘s final season kicks off on The CW Thursday, October 10, at 8 p.m. ET.
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