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BBC Celebrity MasterChef judges accused of 'favouritism' as Paul Chuckle shows up everyone

Yorkshire Live logo Yorkshire Live 11/08/2022 Victoria Scheer & Alex Evans

BBC MasterChef judges have been accused of "favouritism" following tonight's episode.

Love Island star Faye Winter impressed John Torode and Gregg Wallace when she whipped up a complicated meringue dessert called oeufs à la neige. Faye, who admitted she had never made it before, received top marks for her efforts with Gregg Wallace gushing: "That's nothing short of brilliant".

She then later dished up Chantelle Nicholson's pan-fried sea bream topped with crispy oyster alongside sea vegetables and butter sauce and was once again showered in praise. Her fellow contestants did equally well.

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McFly singer Danny Jones knocked it out of the park with his mushroom, shallot and madeira-filled dumplings, Chuckle brother Paul impressed with pan-roasted duck breast which was topped with crushed cashew nuts and served with pickled plums. Stand-up comedian Kae Kurd was tasked with cooking battered courgette flower stuffed with home-made ricotta and a sweet basil sauce.

While he was also praised by judges, it was not enough to get through to the next round and the 32-year-old had to say goodbye at the end of the episode. However, BBC viewers thought Faye's rhubarb pastries were lacking and accused judges of "favouritism".

Paul Chuckle is a massive hit with fans © BBC Paul Chuckle is a massive hit with fans

Chippy T said: "I reckon Faye could have filled those pasties with dog dirt and Greg would still be waxing rhapsodic about it."

Stewart Brown commented: "Gregg and John might as well cook Faye’s food for her. Absolutely no way she’s never made this or a variation before."

And APU wrote: "Don’t worry Faye you could cook s*** but Gregg & John will make sure you go through."

However, others were impressed with Faye's cooking skills. Charlie said: "Faye is coming across so well in this and I am loving her more natural look too!"

And Jess gushed: "Faye is smashing this, love seeing her on TV again!"

Meanwhile, "national treasure" Paul Chuckle revealed at the start of the episode that he wouldn't mind a career change.

The 74-year-old from Rotherham, told viewers: "Obviously, I'm not a chef but I'd like to be a bit of a chef. That might be a new career for me one day, you know?

"I'm young enough, aren't I?"

Paul Chuckle has seriously impressed viewers since the first episode, having sailed through both nights with some surprisingly good meals.

It's not that anyone expected the Chuckle Brother to be bad, of course, but nobody predicted how well he would show up his other contestants with his hidden culinary skills.

@andyDee said: "Fair play to Paul Chuckle, man. I would've assumed he'd just be presenting them with like a whoopie cushion covered in breadcrumbs or somethin, but he's knockin out some decent grub"

@maidylairy said: "Just to me to you, Paul Chuckle needs his own cooking show."

@MattHeywood said: "spin-off idea. Bez and Paul Chuckle - cookin’ it large."

On Wednesday's instalment, Paul wowed Gregg and John with a delicious mushroom soup in the first challenge and put out a solid effort for his second - a Korean fried chicken dish, complete with brined coleslaw or 'slaw' as he put it. But it was his third challenge that really got people talking, as he had been tasked with preparing his "best dinner party dish", a salmon wellington.

Now people are wondering if he could win the whole thing.

@skyhighshoes said: "Paul Chuckle on #CelebrityMasterChef has made my evening! What a super lovely man! I hope Paul goes far in the competition"

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