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Impractical Jokers star James 'Murr' Murray reveals inspiration behind new show Say Whaaat?

Mirror logo Mirror 10/12/2017 Vicki Newman

The Impractical Jokers are back with a new show - but whether or not it survives is all down to us.

James 'Murr' Murray, who stars in the popular Comedy Central show alongside best friends Brian 'Q' Quinn, Joe Gatto and Sal Vulcano, chatted to Mirror Online about his new pilot Say Whaaat?

The first and only (so far) episode of the show is set to air on Comedy Central on Monday, December 18.

And if enough people watch it, there'll be plenty more to come.

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Murr, who created the show back in 2001, told us how he came up with the idea.

He said: "This is the first TV show I ever created, I created this show in 2001.

"I used to work in Rockefeller Center in New York City and Joe [from Impractical Jokers] and I were sitting having lunch one day and watching tourists go by, and we started dubbing over the conversations that people were having walking past us and we were crying laughing and years later Comedy Central bought it as a TV show so there you go.

"We had a blast, the show is near and dear to my heart because it's the first show I've created but I think it's also universally funny, I think everyone does it.

"If you see a couple gesticulating wildly with their hands in a coffee shop and you're like what the hell are they talking about."

And Murr said that his experience on Jokers came in very handy when he filmed the pilot alongside his co-stars, comedian Russell Kane and host Jayde Adams.

He said: "It also feels like Jokers because there's this looseness to the show where anything can happen and the performers can screw around with the host and the audience and anybody can be filmed at any time.

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"At the end of the show we'd secretly filmed the audience waiting for the show to start and we dubbed over them. It's that kind of feeling where anything can happen and it's totally similar to Jokers.

"Jokers is an improv show in disguise because we're improvising absolutely everything and Say Whaaat? is an improv show with a cool format around it and this universal hook. And we had great chemistry with Russell Kane too, he's been a great friend of ours for years."

Murr said that there's plenty more episodes to come if we like what we see.

He told us: "It depends on you guys, if you watch the show there'll be lots more I promise, this is a test of the concept so I'm willing to do as many shows as you guys want.

"This TV show is very special to the guys and I, we'd love it if our fans watched it, if you like Jokers you'll like this and the guys and I were all in the pilot I shot in 2001 for this."

Murr also discussed the increasing difficulty in filming Impractical Jokers thanks to their growing fame.

But he insisted that there's still plenty of people who don't know - or care - who they are, and therefore remain clueless that they're being filmed for a hidden camera show.

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a group of people in a swimming pool: Credits: matt_frost_2017 © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: matt_frost_2017


He said: "It definitely happens, but I think that's a good problem because it means we're doing our jobs right because these people are watching the show.

"The good thing about filming in New York City though is that there's 10 million people so for everyone who knows us there are five more that don't know us or don't care.

"People recognise us when they see the four of us together, but not as much if they see us alone and we're in costume or working behind the counter somewhere.

"You know what I get all the time, 'Don't you work at the pharmacy near me?' and I say, 'Yeah I do, and your prescription's ready so come on in'.

"They never think you're the guy from that show, they don't make that connection, but I think if it happens any more then maybe we'll need to wear fake moustaches."

* Say Whaaat? airs on Comedy Central UK on Monday, December 18 at 10.30pm


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