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'Best way to eat a Big Mac': McDonald's menu hacks claims to have discovered 'elite' trick

Daily Express logo Daily Express 02/10/2022 Emily Hodgkin
A McDonald's Big Mac © GETTY A McDonald's Big Mac

A McDonald's fan has taken to social media to show the "best way" to eat a Big Mac, one of the brand's most iconic burgers. As it turns out, a number of other McDonald's devotees swear by this hack too.


The account @hellthyjunkfood has amassed a huge one million followers on TikTok where their tips have generated 22 million "likes".

The McDonald's fans previously shared a McDonald's hack to get 'hot, fresh, salted' fries every time.

The account began as a way to post recipes and encourage home cooking.

However, the fast food fans also post their hacks to get the most when you order from the likes of McDonald's, KFC, Starbucks and more.

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A Big Mac © GETTY A Big Mac

"I'm going to show you the best way to eat a Big Mac. Watch and learn," they said.

The fast food fan claimed Britons should take the top bun of the Big Mac burger and put it to the side.

He went on: "And then you take the middle piece and then you just flip it over.

His partner asks: "Really? So you took out the bun? Isn't that the whole point, having three buns?"

But the content creator said: "That's way better than a Big Mac the normal way."


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While it seems this might be contrary to the ethos of the Big Mac, surprisingly a lot of commenters claim to have done the very same thing for some time.

One wrote: "I've been ordering the Big Mac with no middle bun for years. Definitely way better."

"Been doing this for years!" one said, while another wrote, "I've literally been doing this for over 2 decades!"

"Truly is the only way. The sesame bun is always dry," another said.

A Big Mac and a box © GETTY A Big Mac and a box

One commenter wrote: "No way, I do this too. You're my soulmate for food soul foodie?"

"Elite move my man!" one said, while another wrote, "Pure genius."

Some others added their own Big Mac hacks. One suggested: "Buy a McDouble with Mac sauce."

"No way and don't waste food," another said. "Best way is to sub the patties with the fresh quarter patties. Try it, it's a game changer."


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