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Belfast fifth most stressed UK city

News Letter logo News Letter 08/09/2022 Joanne Savage
© Belfast has been voted the fifth most stressed out city in the UK, while Newry and Lisburn are among...

Among the most stressed cities in the UK, Ulster’s capital, perhaps unsurprisingly given the legacy of the Troubles, comes in at fifth highest for cortisol levels in the UK.

Lincoln is revealed as the most stressed out city in the UK, with the worst combination of low levels of happiness and satisfaction and high levels of anxiety.

Bristol ranked second, while Brighton ranked third.

The study conducted by botanical experts Cannabotech used ONS well-being data to analyse levels of happiness, life satisfaction, anxiety and a sense of life being worthwhile in every city in the UK to establish which is the most stressed out and the most relaxed.

Belfast reports as the fifth most stressed out city, after Nottingham, when it comes to feelings of unhappiness and feelings of things not being worthwhile.

The Welsh capital of Cardiff ranks as the sixth most stressed out city in the UK.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson from Cannabotech said: “The current climate of the UK is undoubtedly a stressful one, so it is vital to prioritise relaxation where we can.

"These findings offer a fascinating insight into which cities in the UK have higher levels of wellbeing and relaxation and serves as a useful guide to anyone seeking a more relaxed lifestyle.”

So here are some tips for stressed out Belfastians on how to reduce your stress levels from the NHS

On the other hand, Chichester was named the relaxed city in the UK with a relaxed index score of eight. This comes as a result of Chichester surveying as the city with the highest ranking of life satisfaction and happiness.

The city of Newry, which may come as a surprise to some, actually ranks as the second most relaxed city in the UK, with the second highest index for feelings of life being worthwhile, and for both life satisfaction and levels of happiness, giving the city an overall relaxed index score of 16.

And our very own Lisburn is the third most relaxed city in the UK., which ranks as the third highest when it comes to feelings of happiness, coming just behind Newry with an overall relaxed index score of 20.It ranks second highest when it comes to feelings of happiness across the city, just behind Newry, and has an overall relaxed index score of 20.

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