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The best treadmills: 7 best buys to achieve all of your fitness-related goals

Real Homes logo Real Homes 20/01/2021 Brittany Romano
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Are you looking to invest in one of the best treadmills on the market? The start of a new year is an excellent time to check in on your fitness goals and if you're looking for an easy way to ramp them up? A treadmill is one of the easiest ways to do so. 

Not only will a treadmill provide a full-body workout, but there are endless perks. Users can easily step on one in the comfort of their own home and enjoy full privacy while also avoiding crowded parking lots, high membership fees, and overpacked gyms. 

Plus, in a middle of a pandemic, a gym is the last place any of us want to be, making now the absolute best time to go all-in on a machine. But if you're having some trouble deciphering the right treadmills to invest in verse the bad ones? We're here to help. 

Our team understands that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of treadmills on the market, and aside from feeling overwhelmed, you don't know which features and functions you need verse the ones you don't. We've considered everything from size, price point, and level of expertise,  as well as which ones are best for living room use and which ones are excellent for the garage. And the result? 

We've rounded up a comprehensive list of the best treadmills on the market — and these eight earned our stamp-of-approval. 

Oh, and if you need more at-home gym options? Check out our buying guide for the best gym equipment to invest in here

The best treadmills to invest in, according to our team: 

The LunaRun is our pick of the best running machine around as it ticks every single one of our boxes. It has a top speed of 16kph, as well as 19 pre-set programs for a varied workout.

What reviewers love

It's safe to say that reviewers love this running machine – not just because it's easy to use and it comes pretty much pre-assembled, but also because of its size. It's super compact as it folds and it's on wheels. Lots of reviewers use it every day with absolutely no issues, and its high 10 percent incline is commented on a lot – a great feature, especially considering the price tag.

Design features

This treadmill is great for home use – it can be folded vertically or horizontally, and it works at a top speed of 10mph. Oh, and it has an incline of up to 10 percent. Great for running or jogging, it has an LCD display so that you can see your stats while getting sweaty – from speed to distance, calories, and more – while there are two user profiles for personalized workouts. With a cushioned running deck that measures 26cm by 76cm, it offers plenty of space to stretch those legs.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, but thanks to this elliptical? We can seamlessly transform any room into a home gym. But how? This foldable elliptical — and more specifically, we highly recommend the Reebok I Run 4.0 Treadmill. 

What reviewers love 

According to reviewers, this treadmill is suitable for walking and running and accessible for any level of fitness expertise. It's easily foldable and great for small spaces since it's compact, while it's smooth when in use. While the incline is permanently programmed at 4%, it's also important to note that this isn't a con by any means. In fact, many reviewers claim it didn't limit their experience, and they achieved their fitness goals just as they would any other option. 

Design features

 It looks good, performs well, and it sits under the $500 mark. This treadmill is foldable in seconds thanks to its quick-release mechanism. Oh, and it's on wheels for easy moving. It has 12 pre-set programs to jazz up your workouts, while it offers console feedback from calories burned to distance, pulse, and more. The running surface measures 125cm long by 46cm wide, and it has an auto-stop system for safety reasons.

 Our favorite part? There's a built-in table or smartphone holder so you can power your workout with Netflix or Spotify.

This is one of the best treadmills you can buy, especially for the price. It works at a top speed of 10kph, making it great for both walking and running. Though experienced runners (or those who want to sprint) should probably steer clear.

What reviewers love

Compact and easy to use according to reviewers, this treadmill is great for beginners. It's obviously more basic than other options, but that's to be expected when considering the price tag.

Design features

With a complete LCD display to show stats such as time, speed, distance, and more,  this running machine also has 12 pre-set programs to keep you busy. This is a really quiet model – at just 68dB – so you will be able to hear Netflix over your workout (very important in our opinion). There's also an app you can connect your treadmill to so you can keep track of your progress and goals and even control your treadmill while you are on it with your smartphone or tablet. It folds down, too, in just one easy motion making it easy to store. 

Buy the Reebok One GT30 Treadmill if you are after something that's easy on the wallet yet packed with features. It has a maximum speed of 16mph – great for both short, high-intensity sprints and long endurance runs – and it has 12 levels of incline.

What reviewers love

It's easy to assemble, compact to store, and simple to use. Great for all running levels according to reviewers, and its pre-set programs are great. Lots of comments on its high quality, with some users saying it's as close as you can get to a treadmill you'd find in a gym.

Design features

With 16 fitness programs to choose from, this treadmill will keep you motivated and challenged whether you prefer a gentle jog or a tough hill climb. With an integrated hand pulse sensor and a window LED Display, you can track your calories burned, time, distance, and heart rate with ease. The best part about this running machine? It's foldable for easy storing, whether you have a dedicated home gym space or not. The Reebok GT30 can also hold a maximum weight of 110lb.

The thought of home gym purchases straying into four figures can understandably be a bit unsettling, so it is fantastic to know there are relatively affordable running machines out there. This running machine comes in at just under $1,000 but doesn’t scrimp on functionality with a top speed of 20mph, a 15 percent incline, and 43 workout programs.

What reviewers love 

This treadmill is praised for being easy to use, simple to set up, and sturdy, although that is to be expected when considering the price tag. The machine has a large running platform that reviewers found stable and smooth and a quiet motor.

Design features 

With a heavy-gauge steel frame, this treadmill is built for longevity, and suitable for daily use. It has a cushioned deck, and it has a digital incline from 0-15 percent, over 15 levels. A seven-inch screen displays stats and more, while you can have up to four different user profiles on this machine at any one time. With a tablet display, bottle holders, as well as built-in speakers, it makes working out convenient and fun.

Looking for a treadmill to use walking, instead of running? You needn't spend an arm and a leg, or waste unnecessary space storing a larger machine, then. The proof?  The CITYSPORTS Folding Motorised Treadmill is great for walking and it'll slide under your sofa after use. While it doesn't have any handles so it should be used with caution – don't you go sprinting! – it is a total bargain and ticks every box for walkers who may not be able to spend as long as they would like outside their home right now. It also has a top speed of 6kph.

What reviewers love

This treadmill is praised by reviewers for its convenience size-wise. There are lots of comments on the treadmills' sturdiness – as well as how easy it is to use thanks to the remote control that comes with it. It's also apparently quiet when in operation, for if you are using it while working or watching TV, and there are several comments on its easy to see a display that sits by your feet.

Design features

This treadmill, unlike others, does not have any handles making it perfect for walking and for storing. It weighs 26.2lb and has a diameter of 15cm – perfect for sliding underneath a bed, a couch, or for using paired with a standing desk. It has a 500watt motor and six speeds to choose from – ranging from one to six miles per hour. With a low-noise motor and belt, it can be used in flats, too. Use its LED display to track speed, time, distance,  and calories and control the machine with ease using the remote control.

With an incline range almost double that of some of our other picks, this treadmill is perfect for replicating the feel and benefits of hill-walking or all-terrain running, and the range of 40 different programs also helps keep things varied. It also has an impressive top speed of 20mph.

What reviewers say

The majority of reviewers mention his machine's incline as it really is something to shout about when it comes to burning calories, fast. It's also a powerful piece of kit, and it's pretty sturdy. It's probably not the best option for beginners, however, 

Design features

This top treadmill comes at a high price tag, which means it's bursting with features. From a low-impact cushioned deck to one-touch controls on its seven-inch smart touchscreen, it makes exercising fun. You can even use it to join live classes – where trainers digitally adjust your speed to get your heart racing – and it works with Google Maps so you can run anywhere around the world.  It comes with a smart Bluetooth chest belt, as well as a tablet holder and integrated workout fans for when things get sweaty.

What to consider before investing in a treadmill?

Before investing in a treadmill, there are a few crucial points to not only note but consider.


If you're someone living in a large apartment or home, size might not be one of the most important factors on your list; now, in the case, you're in a cramped apartment? You're dialing-on how big or small your potential machine is. 

Incline range 

Another deciding factor might be the incline range and how high the machine does (or does not) go. Most of the machines on this list feature an incline range of 0% to 15%; however, the NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer goes up to 40% making it the best treadmill for hill runs.

Pre-set programs 

Another deal-breaker? What pre-set programs does your potential machine offer? See, pre-set programs are crucial for those struggling with motivation or lacking guidance, but those machines come at a cost. 

Top speed 

Always consider the top speed of a treadmill before purchasing. This will depend on your fitness level and whether you are using the machine to walk, run, jog or sprint.


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