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Can CBD help with sleep?

Cover Media logo Cover Media 28/07/2020
a woman sitting on a bed © Bonninstudio/Westend61/Cover Images

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been touted as a cure-all for everything, whether it be chronic pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, and more. There are some scientific studies to refer to, but not many.

Encouragingly though, there is enough anecdotal evidence out there to believe CBD does have a number of interesting and genuine health benefits. Paul Gurney, co-founder of plant-based wellness store GreenBox (, is here to demystify the topic of CBD and how it may effect sleep.

"Think of using a vacuum cleaner that only has a two-minute battery life. It could likely sort out the major areas in the room. But there would still be some dust left in the corners or under the couch. The dust in this analogy is the chronic inflammation or stress and it hangs around in the body indefinitely," Paul says, before adding that chronic stress can have many knock-on effects, including stopping us getting a good night's sleep.

"What if we could extend the battery life of the vacuum cleaner indefinitely? This would help the body remove nearly all traces of inflammation and stress," he continues. "It could help clear the mind and allow the mind to enjoy a peaceful, restful night's sleep. CBD could be that extra battery life. It may work by blocking the enzymes in the body which would otherwise break down its natural occurring anti-stress fighters (the 2-AG cannabinoids). This is the theory anyways, and there is some good research and data to back it up."

So CBD could be an effective way to clear up residual stress and pave the way for a better night's rest. Want to try it for yourself? Paul recommends using a oil tincture for sleep purposes, as it allows for precise and variable dosing, and investing in reputable, high-quality products.

"On the topic of dosing, we recommend starting low and going slow," he advises. "Start with a low initial dose and gradually increase it until you find the level that works for your mind and body... Be sure to give CBD a chance to work, too. Use it daily for at least 3 to 4 weeks so to form a consistent habit."

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