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Girl Comes Up With Creative Ideas For Trick-or-Treating While Keeping Social Distance

This girl came up with some creative ideas for trick-or-treating while keeping a social distance during the spread of Coronavirus. First, she sprayed water from a hose on a girl to remove germs before giving out candies to her. Second, she hung a bucket of candies on a zip line and slid it down for the kids. Third, she wore a hazmat suit and gave out candies by sticking them on a string. Fourth, the girl threw toilet paper rolls at the kids. Fifth, she hung treats on a clothesline for children to grab them. Sixth, she hung candies on branches and put them on grass for kids to pick them like fruits. Next, she threw them with a slingshot while the children caught it in their buckets. Lastly, the girl put treats on a mini hoverboard and drove it to the children without going near them. “The underlying music rights are not available for license. For use of the video with the track(s) contained therein, please contact the music publisher(s) or relevant rightsholder(s).”
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