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Hearing loss symptoms and six signs you need to see a doctor

Yorkshire Live logo Yorkshire Live 27/06/2022 Neil Shaw & Chantelle Heeds
Experts have outlined six signs you may need to see a doctor about your hearing © K.CHALONER Experts have outlined six signs you may need to see a doctor about your hearing

As many as 11 million people across the UK are reported to suffer with a form of hearing loss. Experts have shared six signs which could mean you have a problem.

If you find you experience one of more of the signs, you can take a simple three-minute only hearing test to help you decide if you should see a doctor. The test was developed in collaboration with Charlotte Thunberg Jespersen, Director of Audiology Development at ReSound, and MA Speech and Hearing Science, University of Copenhagen.

Successfully diagnosing and treating hearing loss could have a positive impact on a person's life - as well as their loved ones. Katie Ogden, Training Manager of ReSound North-West Europe, has outlined six signs of hearing loss to look out that suggest hearing aids could help.

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We've all asked someone to repeat themselves due to either not listening properly or just mishearing them. But if this becomes a regular occurrence, this could be a sign you’re lacking the sounds and signals needed to process speech properly.


People who suffer with hearing loss often complain that people aren’t speaking clearly or are mumbling. This can be because they are not able to hear high-pitched speech frequencies, hearing the vowels which is the sound of the word, but not the consonants which is the clarity and meaning of the word - making them feel like they can hear the sound but not fully understand it.

Phone conversations

If your mobile phone is set to the highest setting and/or you are having to use the speakerphone to hear what the person is saying on the other end of the phone, this could be a sign that they could benefit from hearing aids.

Loud TV volume

Television shows with fast paced dialogue or a substantial amount of background noise can be hard for those with hearing loss to follow, meaning they may choose to listen to the TV at a much higher volume, WalesOnline reports.

If you, or someone you know, does this, you might benefit from a hearing assessment. There are also online hearing tests for those not comfortable going straight to an audiologist, which can offer some further indication on clarity and next steps.

Appearing withdrawn or quiet

People who suffer from hearing loss can become quieter or withdrawn in a social environment. This is because they may not be able to hear conversations properly or may feel self-conscious or embarrassed that they will have to ask others to repeat themselves.

Social exhaustion

If you are feeling totally drained and exhausted after conversing with others, there could be more to it than simply needing a good nights sleep. This is because the brain then has to fill in any gaps to help make sense of what people are saying when you can't hear properly. This requires a lot of extra focus and makes the brain work even harder to process what is going on in a busy situation, leading to extreme tiredness afterwards.

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