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Fluffy Cows from Idaho LOVE Getting Their Hair Brushed

This video of beautiful fluffy cows getting their hair brushed is very a-moo-sing. The footage was filmed on Wildroots Farm in Emmett, Idaho where Tim and Ashley Sullivan organically grow sunflowers, raise Icelandic sheep and most importantly Scottish Highland cows. The fluffy Bovines are Rhona, 3, Betty, 2 and Thor, 2 and the trio love nothing more than a good brushing session. Video footage shows Tim brushing the beautiful beasts with the cows themselves absolutely LOVING it. Thor the bull is undoubtedly the star of the show and can be heard "singing" happily as his chin gets brushed. Tim’s wife Ashley Sullivan who films the amazing videos said: “We started our farm four years ago to focus on small scale regenerative and sustainable farming as well as educating through sharing our journey. “We grow organic produce and flowers for seeds as well as cruelty free sheep wool products and we raise and educate about honey bees too. All our animals are friends and never used for food, and although big pets, they all play an integral role in our regenerative farming practices. “Most of the time the videos consist of my husband Tim brushing our bull Thor. Thor is the most friendly highland we have. He loves affection and he is so gentle and kind. “The cows love being brushed. They wait for us at the gates when we walk out with brushes. Each one has a certain spot they love brushed the most. Thor loves his chin brushed and Betty and Rhona love their necks brushed. “I think my favorite video filmed is Rhona being scratched in the pasture. This is one of the first times Rhona let me scratch her. It was a moment of building trust together and it helped her to realize we were her friends and only wanted to give her love. “I believe these videos are so successful because we show the loving side of cattle. We show that they all have a personality and crave affection. We also focus on showing light hearted content only. We want our platforms to be a happy place filled with good vibes only. “We want to encourage people to follow their dreams. To keep living with intent towards their goals even if they seem too big to grasp. We want people to remember to smile and love one another and to cherish every and all animals."
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