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Man Misjudges a Toboggan Jump...and Ends Up Falling off his Board!

This hilarious video shows the moment a young man misjudged a toboggan jump and ended up falling off his board. An unfortunate tourist was filmed at a popular spot in Jericoacoara Ceará, Brazil where a Tobbogan slide is formed in the sand dunes. He is filmed in slow motion running over to the slide with board but completely over shooting his target falling off his board and face planting into the slide. He then rolls over and slides down the rest of the sand dune on his back. The hilarious footage was captured by tour guide Francisco Júnior Ferreira from Jijoca de Jericoacoara Ceará, Brazil. The 34-year-old said: “The video shows a tourist spot on the western promenade of Jericoacoara Ceará, which catches the attention of tourists, this toboggan is formed in the dunes of tatajuba Ceará, and was built by the residents of the region, formed by a canvas and plank and became a very flashy attraction of visitors.” “During the filming, I found interesting content, which would catch the attention of the public, despite being a risky maneuver, João Victor already has practice in the sport, so I thought about filming and showing his skills on the board. I believe John does this sport out of love, because he likes it, and he was fine.” Filmed on July 2021
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