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Riverdale Season 2 Casts Hart Denton as Betty & Polly's Long-Lost Brother

Less than a week away from its season 2 premiere, Riverdale has cast Hart Denton as Betty and Polly’s long-lost brother. The news comes just days after casting details revealed new information about the character, describing him as “tough, resourceful, rough around the edges, and distrustful of new people.” He apparently grew up in foster care and has a dark, mysterious past that he prefers to keep shrouded in secrecy. He didn’t finish high school and has been living on his own since 18, though he’s now in his mid-20s. Fans will recall that at the end of season 1, Alice Cooper told her daughters she’d had a baby in high school — a son — but given him up for adoption, meaning they had a brother somewhere out there that they’d never met. It was previously revealed that the child, Chic, would be introduced in season 2 around the midway point, but the show had yet to announce which actor would be playing him.
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