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The modern world has left nearly half of Brits with a ‘want it now’ attitude

The modern world has left nearly half of Brits with a ‘want it now’ attitude and almost two in five (38 per cent) admit they are ‘impatient’ in life. A study of 2,000 adults revealed the things most likely to ignite our impatience include slow walkers, public transport delays - and having to wait for the internet to load. While the average adult is only willing to wait a maximum of 15 minutes on hold on the phone before hanging up. Nearly six in 10 (57 per cent) blame their lack of patience on the rise of technologies like smartphones. And four in 10 are even willing to spend more money to get the things they want sooner. It also emerged that this 'want it now' attitude is putting people off investing their money, due to the time it takes to see returns (19 per cent). Despite saving an average of £1,279 over the last year, 38 per cent of young adults aged 18-34 have never considered investing their money. James Hewitston, head of wealth management at HSBC UK, which commissioned the research, said: “While most of us have goals for the future, it can seem a long way off so it’s easy to focus on what we want now and worry about the future later. “The need for instant gratification is hampering people’s ability to plan for their financial future - whether that’s short term goals such as saving for a holiday or emergency repairs, medium term such as a house purchase or wedding, or long term including building a pot for a child’s education or planning for a comfortable retirement. “While investments are recommended for a minimum of five years, customers can access their money at any point if they need funds unexpectedly and they don’t need to clear out their savings account to invest."
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