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Cancer: Your daily horoscope - August 14

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While everyone else you know is probably out on the golf course or doing something else not too productive, you may feel more like accomplishing something. Of course, people might look at you strangely when they see how active you are, but you can relax and be productive at the same time. It's all in your attitude. Fixing the car, mowing the lawn, or patching that hole in the roof can all be pleasant jobs if you approach them in the right frame of mind.Leave your doubts in the past and look forward to a brighter future.

Your love horoscope

Things should be going your way more than usual today. Feel confident about yourself and your decisions. Let your inner glow radiate outward and show people that you have a great deal of love to offer. Practice what you preach! You'll lose respect from people when you act completely contrary to the way you insist on others to act. Feel your power from within as opposed to trying to suck it from others.

Your career horoscope

Emotionally, you may find that someone or something is working or thinking directly opposite of the way that you are. This feeling is aggravated even more today by a strong warrior force that is asking to be recognized. There is definitely a squeaky wheel in the situation that desperately needs to be oiled. Take care of the basics first before you try to deal with the particulars of a certain situation.

Your finance horoscope

Social events, probably family-related, could take up a lot of your time today. They might involve outings, perhaps to parks, or other recreational areas. You'll enjoy it, but your mind may be on other matters, possibly projects you're involved with. Some stimulating conversations with someone close to you could take place. By day's end, your mind could be going a thousand miles an hour. Be sure to get a little exercise so you can sleep.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Your energy levels could be especially high. You'll want to find a way to stay active. Maybe you should do a lot of exercising to help you to burn off that extra energy. You might enjoy going for a long jog, hike, or bike ride. Climb a mountain or join a marathon run. Do something that will challenge you to higher levels of physical performance. You'll enjoy facing a situation that requires your full commitment.

Tomorrow's horoscope

You could be rewarded for a good deed that you have done in the past today. Maybe you once comforted a friend or an acquaintance when they were going through a tough time. Today you might need some nurturing, and the right person will be there to help you through it. You've done a lot of good for people throughout your life, and now karma might go your way.

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Life: You are fantasizing about changing life paths and following your dreams. Your daily routine is boring you and you want some action in your life! The Moon and Neptune will inspire you this weekend and will help unleash your creativity.

Love: Thanks to the influence of Mercury and Mars you’ll make lots of new friends this week and will even find the courage to repair some of your forgotten about friendships. If you are in a relationship, give things time to develop and don’t get ahead of yourself.

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Cancer love horoscope:

Venus in your sign will make you both cuddlier and more protective. Between the 15th and the 23rd, a "love at first sight" encounter is possible. If you are in a relationship, you’ll feel closer than ever to your partner.

Cancer career horoscope:

You are a hard worker and never give up on your projects; no matter how ambitious they are. Keep your eyes open because a great opportunity could come your way towards the end of August.

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You’ll find deals that have a positive impact on your finances.

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