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Abandoned island of dreams in Greece is totally destroyed

Enjoy a flight over the Island of Dreams or Pezonisi in Evia, a place with great prospects, but lost along the way. Just two hours from Athens there is an unknown, deserted island with deep blue, heavenly waters, wide sandy beaches, and tall, lush trees. Next to Eretria in Evia, a small island became known in the 60's as the "Island of Dreams" and attracted visitors from all over the country, who wanted to enjoy moments of tranquility near the lush vegetation. The most impressive thing about this abandoned paradise today is the fact that you can reach the island on foot, since it is connected by a small strip of land with Evia. That is why they call it Pezonisi. The island looks like an extension of the port and its beaches are blue and crystal clear. 3 decades ago in Pezonisi there was a big hotel and many restaurants, but for many years the facilities have been abandoned for bureaucratic reasons. However, anyone can get there, walk and enjoy swimming in crystal clear, unspoiled waters. In the late 60's Pezonisi was an attraction for visitors from all over Greece and the world. After the change of government and after a tender, the land was given for use to the company Rest Club AE, which invested hundreds of thousands of euros in equipment. Around 2008, however, the company handed over the property after the eviction of the Municipality of Eretria. The information states that the tenant left because it turned out that there had been no previous public tender and in fact a direct assignment was made with a rent of 100,000 euros per semester. The property has been unsolicited since 2008, while a proposal for the development of the island made by the Greek-American businessman Lambros Angelopoulos, "stuck" in the incredible bureaucracy and the controversy between the municipality and ETAD, which finally in 2012 forbade to proceed with proceedings exploitation without its permission. Thus the island remains untapped.


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