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Football fashion brand GOALSTUDIO launches discounted clothing on TikTok live stream Score A Sale

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Ever fancied getting yourself a bag full of fashion from the GOALSTUDIO range at a discounted price? Well, today may just be your lucky day, as GOAL partners with GOALSTUDIO for Score A Sale.

Score A Sale give fans the chance to get GOALSTUDIO football fashion branded items at sale price - and to give two individuals the opportunity to fight it out for free merch in a game of Teqball!

Even better, you'll be able to watch the action unfold live on the @goalglobal TikTok account - and for some even luckier supporters, you might even find the magic GOALden Ticket to win yourself an unmissable prize!

What is Score A Sale?

In partnership with GOALSTUDIO, two players, Jelani (@J_Tekkz) and Zayn (@ZaynQF), will go head-to-head live on TikTok at 4pm GMT on Thursday, February 24th to crown the victor in a battle across the former's brilliant football games.

While both will earn points for their efforts across the duration of their contest, it all culminates with a one-on-one Teqball battle. For those not in the know, Teqball combines aspects of football and table tennis and is played on a curved table where the players hit the football with any part of their body save their arms and hands.

How do I watch/live stream?

The show will air live exclusively on the @goalglobal TikTok account at 4pm GMT on Thursday February 24th.

What's on offer for the players?

For our two lucky contestants, the prizes are potentially limitless - they could take home nothing or they could take home everything, depending on how they play!

Their total points haul across the build-up will allow them to cash in for different items, according to their success - and the final Teqball battle will give them a last chance to bag some swag too.

How do I get a discount on GOALSTUDIO clothes?

Score A Sale isn't just for the players, as fans will be able to nab items from the GOALSTUDIO store at a discount, allowing you to pick up some absolute steals. The discount clothing will all be available through the @goalglobal TikTok store.

As mentioned though, some lucky audience members will be able to nab something a little extra though - because hidden away in some orders is the much-vaunted GOALden Ticket!

What will I be able to buy and how much will it cost?

From cosy sweatshirts to adaptable caps, from quilted jackets to slip-on slides, there's no shortage of superb clothing that you can snap up from the GOALSTUDIO range.

Here's a list of what's in store, what sizes you can find them in and just how much they'll cost.

Free-Kick Capsule Football Position Tee

Free-Kick Capsule Football Position Tee © Provided by GOAL Free-Kick Capsule Football Position Tee

Show a spot of love for tactical appreciation with this Free-Kick Capsule Football Position Tee, matching intelligent game insight with a single cotton fabric finish for a comfortable top to wear in all weather.

Available in black, white, melange grey or blue, its combination of player graphic imagery across the front is matched by the exhaustive, classic positional list sprawled across the back - allowing you to show you know your sweepers from your strikers.

Available in M, L and XL at £26.00

Signature Logo Ball Cap

Signature Logo Ball Cap © Provided by GOAL Signature Logo Ball Cap

Keep the weather at bay from your brow with this Signature Logo Ball Cap - a simple yet effective piece of merch that flies under the radar and helps you showcase your love for the beautiful game.

Available in five colour varieties - black, navy, white, sky blue and pink - its six-panel design ensures a rounded, adjustable fit for any head, while GOALSTUDIO's minimalist logo takes front and centre place in stylish fashion.

Available at TBD



Recommended by professionals and players across some of the world's biggest sports, these slides are designed to help ease fatigue on the feet and relax you into the day with their groundbreaking double-layered design.

A shock-absorbent soft outsole is married to a firm arch-supportive midsole that proves the perfect cushioned effect - and its extra-soft, easy-fit upper helps hug your foot into a sense of steady comfort, perfect for when you're ready to just kick back.

Available in various sizes at £37.00

Quilted Puffer Jacket

Quilted Puffer Jacket © Provided by GOAL Quilted Puffer Jacket

If you're in need of a light fit to weather the colder months during autumn and winter, then this Quilted Puffer Jacket will do the trick - a ripstop fabric effort embroidered with neat GOALSTUDIO decals and available in black, orange and navy.

Available in L and XL at £59.00

Free-Kick Capsule Defensive Wall Tee

Free-Kick Capsule Defensive Wall Tee © Provided by GOAL Free-Kick Capsule Defensive Wall Tee

Make sure that your defenders always have your back - literally, in this case - with the Free-Kick Capsule Defensive Wall Tee, matching chunky style and tactical nous front-and-back.

The GOALSTUDIO logo takes pride of place in a club crest spot on the front, but it is the dynamic graphic of a gaggle of players preparing to block a free-kick stretched across the back that really helps this one stand out.

Available in M, L and XL at £26.00

Free-Kick Capsule Logo Ball Cap

Signature Logo Ball Cap © Provided by GOAL Signature Logo Ball Cap

Fancy something with a little bit more song-and-dance to it? The Free-Kick Capsule Logo Ball Cap takes it to the next level, ready to go with you wherever you head when summer kicks in for the European off-season.

Made of 16'S washed cotton twill fabric, its design makes it easy to wear with minimal fuss, emblazoned with GOALSTUDIO's eye-catching logo across the front and available in either traditional black or white.

Available in free size at TBD

Signature Big Logo Sweatshirt

Signature Big Logo Sweatshirt © Provided by GOAL Signature Big Logo Sweatshirt

Lounge around the house with this Signature Big Logo Sweatshirt - a soft-touch cotton fabric garment designed for a loose-fit finish, available in black and light grey, and topped off with the GOALSTUDIO iconic logo blown up across the chest.

Available in M, L and XL at £45.00

Back Logo Light Down Jacket

Back Logo Light Down Jacket © Provided by GOAL Back Logo Light Down Jacket

Ward off the wind chill with this lightweight Back Logo Light Down Jacket - the perfect fit for fans stood on the terraces when it gets a little bit breezy up there, complete with a hood for the full effect.

A loose fit brings street casual vibes, while a healthy duck down filling helps ensure insulation - and its light GOALSTUDIO branding slots seamlessly into its black or dark grey design so as not to be seriously obtrusive either.

Available in L and XL at £67.00

Free-Kick Capsule Artwork Ball Cap

Free-Kick Capsule Artwork Ball Cap © Provided by GOAL Free-Kick Capsule Artwork Ball Cap

Like the Logo Ball Cap, the Free-Kick Capsule Artwork offers a simple hat for simple pleasures - but brings a little more artistry to the forefront with its dynamic style and iconography.

Its three-player image, hued in a wonderful white-red-blue combination, sits loud and proud atop its twill fabric construction, while the choice of black or white is further enhanced with 4-3-3 formation branding tucked across the back.

Available in free size at TBD

Signature Zip Up Hoodie

Signature Zip Up Hoodie © Provided by GOAL Signature Zip Up Hoodie

One of the key items in the GOALSTUDIO range, you'll find it tough to beat with this old-fashioned Signature Zip-Up Hoodie, a comfortable khaki effort made from 100 per cent terry fabric and embroidered with neat GOALSTUDIO striker decals across the cuffs.

Available in M, L and XL at £48.00

Score a Sale will be going live on @GoalGlobal’s TikTok account on Thursday February 24th from 4pm UK time.


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