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Here's how to style Ugg boots in 2022

Metro logo Metro 19/01/2022 Edaein O'Connell
It’s time to get those Uggs out of the wardrobe (Picture:Getty/Ugg) © Provided by Metro It’s time to get those Uggs out of the wardrobe (Picture:Getty/Ugg)

So, you have bought a pair of Ugg boots.

A mainstay of noughties fashion, they provoke intense memories of singing Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston in the mirror while slathering Barry M glitter eyeshadow all over your lids.

It was a time to be alive, in love and severely self-conscious.

We look back on it fondly, but like all teenage memories, we don’t particularly want to go back in time like Marty McFly.

Uggs were to stay in the past and never haunt the ground we walked on ever again.

However, in today’s fashion universe, trends always return, and with the current Y2K fashion obsession, it was only a matter of time before Uggs came back to mug us all off once more.

For the second coming of Uggs, the ultra mini version is favoured by the sartorial elite.

Unbelievably cute, it’s hard not to fall in love instantly.

Maybe it’s the nostalgia, the stupidly soft interior or the fact that the pandemic has given us a newfound appreciation for slippers, but Uggs are catching eyes and hearts.

And frankly, we are here for it.

Unfortunately, Uggs are now tricky to style. Back in the good ol days, all you needed was an Abercrombie & Fitch zippy, black leggings, and you were ready to take the high street by storm.

Nowadays, fashion has moved on, and styling Uggs comes with a little more forethought.

But to help with this style dilemma, we are taking pointers from some fashionable women who are making Uggs relevant again in 2022.

Alexa, play Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls ASAP.

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Emily Ratajkowski

Emily was an early fan of the trend (Picture: Getty Images) © Provided by Metro Emily was an early fan of the trend (Picture: Getty Images)

Ahead of the fashion beat, Emily Ratajkowski championed the trend all the way back in 2020. Pairing a leather blazer with the comfy mini Uggs softened the outfit and made it an ideal transitional look.

Kaia Gerber

Keep it casual (Picture: Getty Images) © Provided by Metro Keep it casual (Picture: Getty Images)

Uggs are made for casual days. Wear yours on the weekly trip to the gym like Kaia Gerber. Easy and breezy, comfort is always key.

Alice Dunnagan

Didn’t think you could pair Uggs with jeans? Wrong! Influencer Alice Dunnagan proves they are an incredible duo. Add sunglasses, beanie and an oversized scarf for extra style points.

Shanina Shaik

Model Shanina Shaik making office suits more comfortable (Picture: Getty Image) © Provided by Metro Model Shanina Shaik making office suits more comfortable (Picture: Getty Image)

Model Shanina Shaik took her Ugg platform shoes to the next level when she paired them with a pinstripe suit. If this is what going back to the office full time looks like, we want in.

Elsa Hosk

Elsa keeping it neutral (Picture: Getty Images) © Provided by Metro Elsa keeping it neutral (Picture: Getty Images)

Following in Shanina’s footsteps, Elsa Hosk looked incredibly chic pairing her Uggs with cream jeans and an oversized blazer. A masterclass in how to make Uggs look luxurious.

Amy Shaw

Wearing leather pants, a fur lined coat and mini Uggs, this outfit by Amy Shaw is made for crisp and chic January coffee runs. Definitely an #ootd to replicate.

Jade Mac

Pair your Uggs with black pants and a fur lined patent black coat like Instagram user @jademacj and turn heads. An utterly easy but stylish outfit. We approve.

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