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Tesco's 'lovely and warm' £20 self-heating mattress topper 'best ever purchase' that costs nothing to run

MyLondon 23/01/2023 Jack Abela

Tesco is now selling Silent Night Heat Genie Mattress Toppers that are....wait for it...self-heating. The bed warmers don't need electricity to rise to temperature and cost just £20 with a Tesco Clubcard.

Temperatures across the UK have dropped again over the last week, with brits finding ways to warm their sofas and beds. If hot water bottles aren't enough, one bargain hunter visiting a Tesco revealed an absolute find.

The deal was spotted by an eagle eyed shopper who posted to the Money Saver by Dansway page on Facebook. The upload read: "SELF-HEATING Mattress Topper at Tesco. These Silent Night Heat Genie Mattress Toppers come in single, double and king size with prices starting from ONLY £20 with your Clubcard in-store and online at Tesco."

A single Silent Night Heat Genie Mattress Topper is available to customers with a Clubcard for just £20, £25 for those without one. A double will set you back £25 with a Clubcard and £32 without. A king sized version is £28 with a Clubcard, and £35 without.

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Closeup of white topper on the bed in the bedroom. © penkanya/Getty 2023. Closeup of white topper on the bed in the bedroom.

Shoppers who had bought the self-warming mattress topper were quick to praise the product. Peter Christine Wakerley wrote: "Best thing I ever bought lovely and warm."

One review of the product - also available at other stores - on the Marks & Spencer website, read: “Excellent product. This mattress topper exceeded my expectations in how much warmer I was in bed, the bed almost seems to warm up immediately you get in.”

The mattress topper works to retain heat using a 3-layer construction made up of "a heat reflecting foil, thermal lining and a deeply filled quilted top". It adds "7.5 tog of extra warmth to your bed" without using any electricity and is machine washable”.

Others on the Money Saver by Dansway page said they’d be heading out to buy the bargain for themselves. One happy reader wrote: "just in case the boiler breaks again."

Another member of the group commented: "what is this magic?" Whilst one more added: "This would be toastie."


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