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A long distance couple meet every few months to take the same picture

Indy 100 logoIndy 100 02/12/2017 Greg Evans

a man in a canyon © Provided by Independent Print Limited Meet Rob and Joli Switzer.

Rob is from the United States and Joli is from the Philippines. 


📍 San Francisco, USA . . . "I left my heart in San Francisco..." We're sure a lot of you already know this iconic song by Tony Bennett. And maybe some of you recognize this famous sculpture too, which we're posing with at SFO's Union Square. But did you know that the famous crooner and the painter of the heart here is the same person?! Yep, Tony Bennett was also the artist of this heart, as part of the Hearts in San Francisco art installation project. . If you're ever in the city, please keep an eye out for these beautiful heart sculptures as they remind you of how you too might leave your heart in San Francisco 💙💚💛💜 . . . #visitsanfrancisco #sfo #sanfrancisco #dipkiss #dipkisstravels #wanderlust #airheadsflock

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They first met in 2010 in Cebu City, in the Philippines.

They stayed in touch from there, eventually forming a long distance relationship.

As they literally lived on the other side of the planet they had to arrange locations to meet each other every few months. 


Where the streets have no name 🖒 . . . #dipkisstravels #dipkiss #wanderlust #wanderlove #u2 #thestreetograph

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As you can probably tell by now, they like to perform the same pose whenever they reconnect and share it on Instagram.

They've been doing this for two years now and their inspiring pictures have seen them become Internet stars.


Hanging out and hanging onto the Hanging Bridge in Bohol :) #dipkiss #dipkisstravels

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Their joint account, Dipkiss Travel now has over 5,000 followers and their pictures never disappoint. 


Dhow Cruise in Dubai :) ❤ . . #dipkiss #dipkisstravels

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Their travels have now taken them to Dubai, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Russia and of course America and The Philippines. 

Speaking to BuzzFeed Rob and Joli explained the idea behind the series:

Everyone was taking jump shots and signature travel poses, so we thought about creating our own cute romantic pose just for kicks.

On a whim, we decided that the 'dipkiss' should be it.

It was one of the only ways for us to meet each other when we were apart.

And we both loved to travel as a hobby anyway so it worked well for us.

Rob and Joli have since got married, with Rob proposing in the Red Square in Moscow.

While their pictures and story are truly wonderful it goes to show that no matter where you are on Earth, it shouldn't prevent you from being with the person you love.

The couple add:

We just love seeing couples who beat the odds and prove that stories like these are possible.


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