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DUO Carafe by Heatworks

Meet, the DUO Carafe. A battery-operated hot water carafe that filters and precisely heats water instantly as you pour. How does it work? Remove the top. Add up to 4 cups (1 quart) of cool water to the glass reservoir, replace the top, and pour. You’ll get filtered cool water out of one spout, precisely heated water out the other one. DUO heats water using flow through heating and our Ohmic Array Technology (whereby graphite electrodes and advanced electronic controls are used to excite the naturally occurring minerals in water). DUO saves time. Water is heated instantly as you pour DUO heats water to the exact temperature (+/-) 1° F you want. This is critical to achieving great tasting coffee and tea. DUO saves energy. Because the technology is all electronic and heats only the water you need, it is much more efficient to operate than other water heating technologies. DUO is battery-opearted. Because we aren’t wasting energy and our technology is all electronic, the DUO Carafe can be battery powered, which is an unprecedented feature. DUO makes great tasting, hot water. Since there are no metal heating elements, no scaling or limescale ever forms. For more information about or Ohmic Array Technology, go to our website Heatworks 2353 N Highway 17 Mount Pleasant, SC 29466
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