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'Sunak's Budget leaves us all poorer with no plan for growth or living standards'

Mirror logo Mirror 28/10/2021 Voice of the Mirror

Rishi Sunak’s breezy tone when he delivered his Budget was not just misplaced but worryingly complacent.

The Chancellor spoke of an age of optimism, but households face a pessimistic future because of his policies.

Number crunchers at the respected Institute for Fiscal Studies warn the worsening cost of living crisis will inflict real pain on millions of low and middle-income families.

Across the country people are going to be worse off because of rising inflation, hikes in food and fuel costs, increases in mortgage payments and higher taxes.

Mr Sunak had the opportunity in his Budget to help households through this difficult time.

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He could have cut VAT on fuel bills or increased taxes on tech firms to fund additional support for those on universal credit.

The fact he didn’t shows how out of touch the Tories are. Workers have suffered a decade of feeble wage growth. Now they are set for years of declining or stagnant living standards.

The Chancellor has no plan for growth and no plan to ease the pressure on households.

We are all poorer as a result.

Global threat

The torrential downpours in Cumbria are a reminder that no part of the world is immune from global warming’s impact.

In 36 hours, 13ins of rain fell in the county. Such freak weather used to be described as a once-in-a-lifetime event. Now it happens with increasing regularity due to the climate crisis.

This is why it is essential world leaders commit to reducing carbon emissions when they meet for the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

If they fail to take action, we face more devastating floods and extreme weather.

Glorious reign

The Queen has reportedly had to give up horse riding while she recuperates from her recent illness.

Let’s hope Her Majesty is back in the saddle soon and carries on holding the reins during her glorious reign.


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