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The Apprentice's Ryan-Mark Parsons taken to hospital following caviar incident

Heatworld 02/12/2019 Alex Ross
a man wearing a suit and tie: RYAN MARK PARSONS © Credits: © BBC Pictures RYAN MARK PARSONS

He's been one of the most-talked about contestants on this year's series of The Apprentice, with his love of luxury products and hilarious comments, so fans of the show were gutted when 19-year-old Ryan-Mark Parsons was fired by Lord Alan Sugar earlier in the series.

However, getting the boot from the BBC series is the least of Ryan-Mark's worries, as he was recently rushed to hospital when he dropped £1,000 worth of caviar on his foot!

a couple of lawn chairs sitting on top of a grass covered field: RYAN-MARK PARSONS © Credits: © BBC Pictures RYAN-MARK PARSONS

Ryan-Mark, who was the youngest ever contestant to appear on the popular show, has been left needing an operation after the unfortunate incident.

One of Ryan-Mark's close friends revealed the news to the Daily Mirror, admitting The Apprentice star dropped the thick glass jar of caviar from a height onto his big toe. He told the publication, "Ryan-Mark was rushed to hospital yesterday after dropping a jar of caviar on his foot."

a man wearing a suit and tie © BBC Pictures

He went on to say, "It was only a little jar but it was made of thick glass and fell from a real height. He literally couldn't walk and blood was everywhere."

Ouch - Sounds nasty! 😱

Check out all of the 2019 contestants on The Apprentice:

Carina Lepore

a person posing for a picture: Carina Lepore © Credits: BBC Carina Lepore

30-year-old Carina owns an artisan bakery. She's from South London and believes she has what it takes to be Lord Sugar's next business partner, as "it's written in the stars". Carina also credits herself as a natural leader.

Iasha Masood

a person standing in front of a body of water: Iasha Masood © Credits: BBC Iasha Masood

Isasha, 27, is an account from Manchester, who says she is a "fierce businesswoman with sass and class". She thinks her fellow competitors will underestimate her, but will be shocked by her "controversial" and "eccentric" personality.

Jemelin Artigas

Jemelin Artigas wearing a red shirt © Credits: BBC Jemelin Artigas

34-year-old network marketing consultant Jemelin likes things to be done her way and has revealed she is "next-level stubborn". Jemelin says she "never has problems, I only have solutions".

Lottie Lion

a woman in a yellow dress posing for the camera: Lottie Lion © Credits: BBC Lottie Lion

Lottie is 19 and from Somerset. She is a librarian, who is "very cut-throat". Lottie believes she will bring class to the competition, shocking her fellow contestants.

Lubna Farhan

Hanan Tork standing in front of a body of water: Lubna Farhan © Credits: BBC Lubna Farhan

Luton born Lubna is a 33-year-old finance manager and mother of two. She believes her rise from a "council estate" shows how she has made herself into "something good". Lubna credits herself as someone with "the whole package".

Scarlett Allen-Horton

Scarlett Allen-Horton © Credits: BBC Scarlett Allen-Horton

32-year-old Scarlett, from the West Midlands, owns a recuritment company and believes her "upbeat personality" is her best asset in helping her win the competition. In her words, she's "been the highest performer across every workplace I have worked in."

Pamela Laird

a woman standing in front of a body of water: Pamela Laird © Credits: BBC Pamela Laird

Pamela, 30, from South London, owns a beauty brand. She says she is fiesty and passionate, crediting her "entrepreneurial gene" as her reason for success.

Marianne Rawlins

a woman talking on a cell phone: Marianne Rawlins © Credits: BBC Marianne Rawlins

Marianne, 36, is from Lincolnshire and owns a risk management company. Moving to the UK in 2017 from the US, she says she has no filter and is the "epitome" of 'don't judge a book by its cover', but has said she needs to tone down her "American-ness."

Dean Ahmad

a man wearing a suit and tie: Dean Ahmad © Credits: BBC Dean Ahmad

20-year-old Dean is from Essex, who believes he's got the "gift of the gab". He owns a Sports Management Agency, a company which he founded aged 15. Dean says he can "persuade anyone to do anything."

Kenna Ngoma

a person wearing a suit and tie: Kenna Ngoma © Credits: BBC Kenna Ngoma

Kenna, 24, is from Greater Manchester and owns an alcohol-infused ice cream company. He says he has an "infectious personality" and used to play professionally for Manchester City before he got injured.

Riyonn Farsad

Riyonn Farsad wearing a suit and tie © Credits: BBC Riyonn Farsad

Riyonn is a 30-year-old events manager from South London. He says he has never come across anyone that doesn't like him.

Lewis Ellis

a person wearing a suit and tie talking on a cell phone: Lewis Ellis © Credits: BBC Lewis Ellis

Lewis, 28, is from Lancashire and is a digital marketing project manager. He is a "maverick" who doesn't follow the rules. Lewis says he's very confident, which is sometimes viewed as arrogance. However, he doesn't think he's "better than anyone else."

Ryan-Mark Parsons

a man wearing a suit and tie: Ryan-Mark Parsons © Credits: BBC Ryan-Mark Parsons

Ryan-Mark, 19, is the youngest contestant this year. Yet, he believes age is irrelevant when business is being discussed. Ryan-Mark describes himself as the "epitome of luxury."

Shahin Hassan

a person wearing a suit and tie: Shahin Hassan © Credits: BBC Shahin Hassan

Birmingham born Shahin says he is "ruthless in the pursuit of success", crediting Elon Musk as one of his role models. The 36-year-old says his best quality is "thinking outside of the box."

Thomas Skinner

a man wearing a suit and tie: Thomas Skinner © Credits: BBC Thomas Skinner

Thomas, 28, is from East London and owns a pillow company. He started working aged 12 doing a paper round and moved to working on the markets aged 16. Thomas says he is a "chancer", but it works in his favour.

Souleyman Bah

a person wearing a suit and tie talking on a cell phone: Souleyman Bah © Credits: BBC Souleyman Bah

20-year-old Souleyman is a para athlete and motivational speaker. He trains with the GB Paralympic Olympic Team as a sprinter. Souleyman says he is going to be extremely honest and will fight for his place in the competition.

Meanwhile, despite being a fan favourite on this year's series of The Apprentice, Ryan-Mark was sacked by Lord Sugar after losing a luxury train task by just £15.

After getting sacked, Ryan-Mark told the Mail Online that he was actually about to quit the show, just hours before finding out his team had lost the task. He told them, "I spoke with producers because I wanted to quit and I was seriously going to do that before we found out we had lost.

"It wasn't the pressure but just the fact it was a luxury task and that's what I do and what I'm about, I knew the food intolerance would be brought up and the fact that I have a nut allergy and I was embarrassed."

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Meanwhile, in other news about The Apprentice, only six candidates remain after both Thomas Skinner and Marianne Rawlins were sacked following Wednesday night's music task.

The Apprentice continues Wednesday at 9pm.

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