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Woman who 'earned few hundred pounds' explains how she's set to make £500,000

Daily Express logo Daily Express 25/10/2021 Samantha Leathers

Social Cactus began while Ms Crumpton was still in South America, with nothing more than a laptop, phone and WiFi. Now, she is living the dream having relocated to Spain, travelling the world and still finding excess to donate to charities.

Ms Crumpton was nicknamed 'Thrifty Crumps', having little financial success in the beginning of her working life.

She said she "never truly knew what I wanted to do". Whilst her friends in school were deciding on careers and universities, Ms Crumpton worked in a range of industries, gaining hands-on business experience as she did so.

"I worked in banks, I worked in events, I worked in hospitality in Spain and then I found PR & Marketing and fell in love with it."

Despite her love for her work, Ms Crumpton ended up leaving that job and travelled to South America where she would go on to dabble in freelancing for digital marketing agencies.

READ MORE: Amy Crumpton working on a laptop © Amy Crumpton Amy Crumpton working on a laptop

Seeing her freelancing career take off steadily, Ms Crumpton decided to give entrepreneurship a shot for the first time, setting up her now six figure business Social Cactus while she was in Peru, although the journey to starting it was not as simple as it may seem.

"It had never even entered my belief system that somebody like me could be an entrepreneur with a super successful business. I was freelancing and making a few hundred pounds a month when I took part in a plant medicine healing ceremony in Peru where inspiration hit me to set up my own business and give it a shot."

The ceremony Ms Crumpton took part in involves drinking the juices from a cactus plant grown in the Andes mountains, roughly 3,000 metres above sea level.

"I wanted to incorporate the journey I'd been on and whilst driving past a field with thousands of cacti, the name Social Cactus manifested."


Originally, Ms Crumpton sought to delve into the field of consulting and social media management but the business soon pivoted into mindset coaching for online business women.

"There's been many obstacles along the way, especially when our instagram account was accidentally disabled in November 2019 which is not ideal when most of our business comes from the platform during a launch and having to start a new account from scratch," she commented.

"Social Cactus is 100 percent self-funded, all we needed to set up was a laptop, phone and WiFi. That's the beauty of an online service based business. I built my very first website on Wordpress, set up an Instagram account and off I went into the world of entrepreneurship."

At first only charging £150 per month for her services, Ms Crumpton said that in their first year, Social Cactus never made more than £3,000 per month.

Amy Crumpton © Amy Crumpton Amy Crumpton

However, that soon changed as the second year of business saw six-figure revenue and projections of £500,000 by the end of 2021.

Ms Crumpton added that the financial benefit of entrepreneurship has been thoroughly enjoyed: "We've been able to travel the world (covid permitting), relocate to Spain, donate almost £20,000 to charity, hire the most amazing team which allows us to create an even bigger impact. The list goes on.

"We've also been able to treat ourselves to luxury items and experiences too which we would never have been able to afford before starting the business."

She advised that entrepreneurs looking to achieve the same success just need to keep their head down and keep going: "It's not always going to be easy but when you're passionate about what you do, the hard work is always worth it.

"I would also recommend investing in coaching or mentoring to help you breakthrough any mindset blocks that might be holding you back and to really support you in reaching your next level.

"Get clarity on what it is you want to do and what you enjoy - I had experience in marketing and PR and I loved it so turning that into a business made total sense.

"Look for gaps in the market, what are people investing in right now, do you have any skills that fit in with current trends?

"Work on your mindset, build your belief and take consistent action," she concluded.


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