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Mamut One accounting

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Mamut One might have accounting tools in its arsenal, but this is a package that’s more of a complete enterprise resource planning or ERP solution. That means you can roll many of your daily business activities into one single workflow and, hopefully, become more efficient as a result. There are a couple of routes you can take with Mamut One as there’s the One Office package that is aimed more at small businesses.

Alternatively, Mamut One Enterprise is a more muscular package that is tailored for medium-sized businesses that need a little more capacity, especially if there are multiple employees as part of the picture. It also adds in a lot more tools and functionality, so is therefore the better option if you’ve got lots of boxes to tick. The packages boast additional appeal as they have been engineered to comply with the UK government’s Making Tax Digital initiative, which all business will need to fall in line with in the near future.


There are several options open to you if you're looking at either of the Mamut One packages. Mamut One Office comes in three tiers, Start, Standard and Pro. They cost, with a service agreement price per annum (prices ex vat) £228, £276 and £348 respectively. Licence prices for the same, excluding VAT are £179, £279 and £379. 

Meanwhile, the more heavily loaded Mamut One Enterprise features its own three tiers, E3, E4 and E5 and costs £348, £468 or £588 for the service agreement price per annum (prices ex vat) options respectively. Licence prices for these, again, less VAT are £499, £799 and £1199. 

Of course, if you’re just looking for a single installation then Mamut One Office makes more sense, plus it still comes armed with everything needed to tackle accounting invoicing, customer tracking, inventory management as well as reporting. Mamut One Enterprise, on the other hand, is a sensible option to consider if you’ve got multiple employees who need to make use of its many and varied feature set.


The feature set within this brace of Mamut products varies depending on the option you’ve chosen. Mamut One Office is going to be very useful for the smaller business as it’s not as fully laden with ERP tools, but it does deliver plenty to help improve efficiency. There are accounting options within the software, but you also get the benefit of invoicing, customer tracking, purchasing, inventory management and more besides. 

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Head for the more extensive Mamut One Enterprise meanwhile and there are lots more tools to utilize and can be deployed for use by multiple employees. They in turn can make use of financial management tools, purchasing options, inventory management, e-commerce functionality plus logistics and sales support too. It’s quite a beefy collection all told.


Mamut One continues to be improved and has received numerous tweaks over the years that makes it a practical option for anyone wanting a cloud-based ERP system. Visma, the company behind the software, has also ensured that it can be integrated with the likes of Microsoft Outlook and the other areas of Microsoft Office, along with Skype too. Performance can be boosted if you wish to boost the power of Mamut One Enterprise as additional licenses can be purchased if your company needs to scale up operations and this can be done through its different tiers.

Ease of use

With so much on offer the Mamut One products need time in order to let you get familiarized with how everything works. There’s actually a free 30-day trial available, which is not only useful for seeing if it’s a good fit for your business, but also a practical way of getting to the bottom of all the Mamut One features. 

Mamut Enterprise One, being the more extensive solution of the two packages requires more time to get used to its nuances, but because it rolls many different tasks into one package it’s actually a lot more practical than you might imagine.


With such a wide array of features and functions to master it’s entirely likely your business might need the assistance of support from time to time. Mamut One is backed up by a full support center, which can help get you through any issues via phone and email options. The support staff can also assist with updates and any upgrades that you might need to carry out if your business wants to scale up its use of the Mamut portfolio.

Final verdict

Mamut One, in either the Office guise or its bigger brother the Enterprise edition make a worthy cloud-based solution if you're in the UK and have yet to choose a package that is Making Tax Digital compliant. 

While Mamut One Office is fine for the smaller operator, with no employees to worry about, the extra functionality that arrives with Mamut One Enterprise should stand you in good stead for taking care of business once MTD becomes standard practice for business users across the UK. It’s got a whole host of tools that have been designed to streamline your business activities and cut down on needless admin work. The pricing seems pretty good too for something so fully-loaded, though there are plenty of competitors. And some, it has to be said, have quite a lot more to offer.

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