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PS5 stock and where to buy: latest PS5 restock details

What Hi-Fi? 11/01/2021 Dan Sung
a close up of electronics: PS5 stock and where to buy: latest PS5 restock details © Provided by What Hi-Fi? PS5 stock and where to buy: latest PS5 restock details

Gamers have had a tough time getting hold of a PS5, with many stores struggling to meet demand. Since the console launched in November, every fresh wave of stock has been snapped up in seconds. So, what are your chances of bagging a PS5?

The good news is, things are looking up. The US saw its first stock drop of the year last week, with Best Buy and GameStop both having consoles to sell.

In the UK, a fresh drop was rumoured for 7th January, but that has reportedly been pushed back to 14th January. That's due to "further delays from Sony", according to the Twitter account @PS5Instant.

This should be the biggest drop for a while, with "most retailers" having stock. Ones specifically mentioned include Smyths Toys and Argos, while BT and the BT-owned EE mobile network are also rumoured to have more stock. You know what to do.

According to a more recent update, the stock will be available once processed, which should be sometime between 14th and 21st January depending on the retailer. So don't despair if consoles aren't available right away on the morning of 14th.

And if you miss that? Don't worry. Between now and April, Sony will reportedly have 3 million PS5s a month ready for retailers to sell. So we're sure you'll find one soon. Just don't be tempted to pay over the odds for one from an auction site – not only will you pay more, you'll also be rewarding unscrupulous scalpers who hoovered up early stock with the use of stock-checking bots. 

For anyone trying to bag a PS5, it's been a hectic few weeks. In the US, a few retailers restocked just before Christmas, while UK shoppers have been the victim of will-they-won't-they restock rumours. Tesco was rumoured to be restocking on Sunday 13th December, and Game and Amazon on Monday 14th December. But none of these came to pass.

Some buyers have been able to order next-gen consoles from European Amazon stores that deliver to the UK. Amazon Italy and Amazon Germany both had inventory at the end of December. (That trick has worked a treat for those seeking the next-gen Xbox.)

But with retailers pegging January for the next stock drop, hopes are high the next few days will yield results. Fingers crossed...

Where to buy PS5

The PS5 has officially hit the shelves but stock is still in extremely short supply. Frustrating though that is, Sony has confirmed that more PS5 consoles are on the way. You'll need to be logged in to your retailer of choice and be prepared to hit that refresh button – competition is fierce to say the least.

Where to buy PS5 Digital Edition

The PS5 Digital Edition went on sale alongside the full-fat PS5 in all territories.

Like the full-fat PS5, the Digital Version is out of stock in most retailers and you'll have to be quick to secure a console during the restocks. Again, be ready with your retailer log-ins and debit or credit card details.

Where to buy PS5 accessories

Getting hold of most PS5 accessories is a whole lot easier than getting hold of a PS5 right now. However, some of the more popular accessories, such as the DualSense Wireless Controller, Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and Media Remote, have been in and out of stock. 

PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller – £59.99 ($69.99 / AU$109) The PS5 only comes with one controller in the box, so this is a must-have for those who want to get stuck into multi-player gaming. It uses haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to make games more immersive.View Deal

PlayStation 5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset – £89.95 ($99.99 / AU$159)

If you want to enjoy 3D audio, one of the one of the PS5's best features, you'll need one of these. It will also cut out background noise, so you can't hear anyone else in the same room, and make your gaming more immersive.View Deal

PlayStation 5 HD Camera – £49.99 ($69.99 / AU$99) This lets you add yourself to gameplay videos or video chat during multiplayer marathons. A must if you're chatting with teammates.View Deal

PlayStation 5 Media Remote – £24.99 ($29.99 / AU$49)

Want to use your PS5 as an entertainment hub? This handy remote will help you navigate everything from Netflix to 4K Blu-ray discs, and it'll make it as simple as changing channel on your TV.View Deal

PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station – £24.99 ($29.99 / AU$49)

This accessory charges up two wireless DualSense controllers at a time, so you'll never be powerless.View Deal

Where to buy PS5

Target The PS5 was back in stock at Target just before Christmas, but it soon sold out. Keep checking back and keep an eye on the retailer's social media accounts. More stock could be on the way this week...View Deal

Amazon The online shopping giant is currently out of stock but remember, the PS5 is not region-locked, so you could buy from Amazon European stores (you might need the relevant plug adaptor, though). Amazon Italy and Germany had inventory as recently as the end of December. View Deal


Retail giant Walmart kept its promise to release more PS5 stock at 11am ET on 3rd December. Since then, it has released several more waves of PS5 stock in the US and Canada – and is expected to do so again soon. Keep checking back.View Deal


The specialist games retailer was tipped to restock on Monday 14th December, but again, nothing doing. In the meantime, you can enter its ongoing competition to win one of four PS5 consoles bundled with Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon's Souls and Sackboy: A Big Adventure.View Deal


High street favourite Argos released a limited number of PS5 consoles on 3rd and 7th December – but has now sold out until January. A rather sad message on the website confirms as much.View Deal

Sony Over in the US, Sony Direct released a wave of PS5 consoles on Black Friday and against last week, but they're now sold out. Keep checking though – you never know your luck. It figures that Sony would supply its own store first.View Deal


Existing BT and EE customers were given the chance to order a PS5 online via MyBT and EE’s Add to Plan service on 3rd December. BT says stock has now sold out.  View Deal You can set a stock alert over at, so you'll be notified as soon as stock comes in. If you're after an Xbox Series X, Box did the sensible thing and instituted a ballot system here. Winners will be offered the chance to buy one of Microsoft's new consoles. View Deal It might be best known for its appliances, but also sells PS5s. Or will when more stock arrives. Unfortunately, there's no word on when that will be – just that "we should have more stock arriving soon".View Deal

Best Buy

Best Buy had PS5 stock available at launch and on Black Friday, through its website and app. It has started selling the PS5, complete with optional two year accident protection and financing options, but stock is extremely scarce. Keep checking back.View Deal

Gamestop The specialist games retailer reported overwhelming demand for the PS5 but only offered "limited" quantities of PS5 bundles. It currently has no stock but keep a close eye on the firm's Twitter feed and you may be pleasantly surprised...View Deal

StockX You may not have heard of StockX – it's mostly used by fashion aficionados looking to buy and sell rare and limited edition clothing/sneakers. But it's also recently branched out into PS5s. You will pay more than the RRP/MSRP, but StockX inspects each item it sells before dispatching, so you can guarantee it will be in mint condition.View Deal

Tesco The British supermarket chain was rumoured to be taking delivery of a fresh batch of PS5s for Sunday 13th December, but sadly that didn't pan out. Still, worth keeping an eye on Tesco's PS5 page.    View Deal

Where to buy PS5 in Australia

Sony Store Australia You would expect Sony to be the best place to guarantee PS5 stock. But sadly it's currently sold out. Our advice? Sign up to be notified as soon as it's available.View Deal

EB Games

Specialist retailer EB Games restocked on 3rd December and again later in the month, but supplies didn't last long. The Gamestop-owned chain is working on getting more stock – check its website to see if it's succeeded.View Deal

The Gamesmen

Independent retailer The Gamesmen previously announced it would have stock at 10am on 19th November, but has since sold out of that and all its December stock, too. Check back soon.View Deal

JB Hi-Fi

One of Australia's largest tech retailers sold out of its pre-order stock, plus some it was expecting for December. But never say never...View Deal

PlayStation 5 price: recent history

After much waiting, Sony finally announced the price and release date of the PS5 during its 16th September showcase. The Japanese giant's 40-minute digital event featured "a look at some of the great games coming to the PS5 at launch (and beyond!)". 

The real draw, though, was the promise of the price finally being revealed, and Sony didn't disappoint on that front, with the PS5 Digital and PS5 prices, at £360 ($400) and £450 ($490, €499, AU$749.95), coming as a pleasant surprise to those who'd expected the PS5 to be priced much higher than the rival Xbox Series X.

So how does the PS5's price compare to that of its predecessors?

Both the original PlayStation and PS2 launched at £299 ($299) in 1994 and 2000 respectively. The PS3 was quite the step up in 2006, with the entry-level 20GB model starting at £425 ($499)  – although that was more or less in line with inflation with regard to the original PlayStation, and there were also the significant hardware upgrades to factor in, not least of all being the Blu-ray optical drive.

Nonetheless, the PS3 was initially criticised partly for its seemingly high price. The 60GB model's $599 price tag took particularly heavy flack. By the arrival of the PS3 Slim in 2009, though, all seemed to have been forgiven.

The bigger public surprise was saved for the 2013 PS4 launch, however, when the PlayStation price dropped down to £350 ($399) and heralded the arrival of one of the best-selling games consoles of all time.

PlayStation 5 price: cheaper Digital Edition

June's PlayStation live event revealed not one but two PS5s – the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition – and that strategy could well prove crucial for the next console generation: Sony can keep at least one model more affordable while still offering a more fully-featured PS5.

Unlike the approach taken by Microsoft with the Xbox Series X and Series S, the full-fat, disc-playing PlayStation 5 and the more affordable, disc-less PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will have performance parity, with the optical drive the only difference between the two.  

We predicted that the PS5 Digital Edition would dip below the magic £400 ($400) barrier, while the version with the disc drive might be more like £499 ($499), and Sony has actually trumped our expectations – in the UK at least.

The most telling piece of news we'd had in the run-up to launch was the PlayStation 5 product page leak on Amazon France, spotted by Twitter user Ben Geskin, which stated that the PlayStation 5 would be 500 euros with the PS5 Digital Edition at 400. That turned out to be right on the money (ahem).

Meanwhile, a rumour published by DualShockers on 24th August 2020 suggested that Best Buy's website had the PS5 price pegged at $499 in the US, and that customers would be offered 18-month financing options. We've not seen any financing options appear yet, but that price prediction has turned out to be accurate.

PlayStation 5 release date and availability

In the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, the PS5 went on sale on 12th November. The rest of the world (UK included) saw the console launch on 19th November.  

With demand outstripping supply, most retailers are still struggling to get hold of PS5 stock. And when they do release it, customers are snapping it up within minutes.   

Hoping to secure a PS5? In the UK, Game and Amazon are tipped to restock on Monday 14th December. It sounds like a credible rumour, given that multiple retailer released a wave of PS5 stock the previous Monday. Worth noting: some PS5 went online early as 3am, so you might want to set your alarm and check both retailers before dawn.

There are also reports that Tesco will restock on Sunday 13th December. The rumour was started by Twitter account @PS5STOCKNOW, which posted some upcoming PS5 stock dates online. As of today (11th Dec), Tesco's PS5 page still says "PS5 pre-orders have finished for 2020". That could be leftover from launch, so it's well worth checking Tesco as early as possible on Sunday morning.  

In the US, Walmart and Best Buy are your best options. You might also try Target but their supply has been rather patchy. If you're on the hunt for a PS5, check out the retailer links above.

Finally, it's worth checking specialist stock tracking websites such as Stock Informer from time to time. And remember, the PS5 is not geo-locked. That means you can buy one in the US and use it to play UK games. The same goes for Europe (Amazon Germany, for example, recently restocked). However, it's equally important to note that you may need a plug adaptor and that some Blu-ray discs and DVD may not play.

PlayStation 5 price vs Xbox Series X price

So, how does the PS5 compare to the Xbox Series X on price? Better than many expected, as it happens.

The Xbox Series X and the full-fat PS5 are identically priced, at £449 ($500, AU$749).

Both consoles also have a disc drive-less, cheaper sibling: that's the Xbox Series S and the PS5 Digital Edition. This is where things get really interesting, because the Xbox Series S costs only £250 ($299, AU$499), whereas the PS5 Digital Edition is £360 ($400, AU$599).

That's a big step up, but it's worth pointing out that the Xbox Series S is less powerful than the Series X but the PS5 Digital Edition is identical to the standard PS5 except for the lack of a disc drive. In other words, the PS5 Digital Edition appears to be more of a proper next-gen games console than the Xbox Series S. 

PlayStation 5 games price

Since NBA games publisher 2K announced the $70 (£65/AU$100) price for its sports sim NBA 2K21, the consensus has been that there's a PS5 games hike coming across the board.

That raises the standard by $10 from $60 which seems uncomfortable in the face of what many consider a fairly expensive games console full stop.

To be fair to both Sony and Microsoft, games pricing has remained the same since the launch of the original Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2005. Between game production values having gone through the roof and 15 years' worth of inflation, it could have been a lot worse for the consumer.

And on a more positive note, we're already seeing retailers offering discounts on PS5 (and Xbox Series X) games. Best Buy recently slashed the price of a slew of unreleased PS5 games – including the latest Call of Duty and Cyberpunk 2077– by $10.

PlayStation 5 pre-orders

PS5 pre-orders went live on 22nd September. One PS5 leaker had predicted that pre-orders would go live on 9th September – 25 years to the day since the original PlayStation went on sale in the US. Alas, Sony missed that mark.

The first wave of pre-orders sold out within days, and there's been precious little stock since then. Those already with their hearts set on getting a PS5 console before the end of the year should keep a very close eye on online stores. 

Some UK stores released more online stock on 19th November – the day the PS5 hit shelves in the UK. We say "shelves", but with the UK in lockdown at the time, the shelves were all digital. 

Until recently, Sony had only planned on the production of 5 million PlayStation 5 games consoles by the end of March 2021. However, with a predicted increase in gaming, Sony has doubled PlayStation production to meet 10 million units by the same date, and that certainly should help in terms of pre-order panic.

PlayStation 5 price: game bundles

The PS5 is available with a raft of new games including the follow launch titles:

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Astro's Playroom (Sony will bundle a digital copy it free with the PS5)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Demon's Souls

Destruction AllStars

Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle


Just Dance 2021


Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

We're already seeing retailers start to bundle the PS5 with the most popular titles, including FIFA 21, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Call of Duty. Just don't expect the first bundles to be cheaper than buying a PS5 and a copy of the game separately – demand is so high that retailers are unlikely to offer discounts at this stage. 

Beyond games, we're also seeing the PS5 bundled with other treats and temptations. On the hardware side, there are a a few options to purchase your PS5 with one of the official PS5 accessories such as the DualSense Controller. Sadly the Pulse 3D headset is currently sold out almost everywhere, so there's no little chance of seeing that in bundle. . On the software side, we may start to see subscriptions to PlayStation Plus. As ever, more details as we get them. 

Games aside, the PS5 will act as an entertainment hub. Sony has revealed it will come with NetflixDisney PlusApple TVSpotify, Twitch and YouTube from day one. But, as we recently reported, the PS5 appears to lack both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.


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