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Samsung Galaxy Note 20: price, release date, news and everything we know so far

T3 logo T3 20/05/2020 David Nield
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 should be hands down one of the best phones of 2020, and it's certainly one of the most eagerly anticipated – we're expecting a powerhouse of a flagship phone to appear, and the rumours and leaks have already started in earnest.

Don't get buried under the avalanche of speculation and hearsay: we're here to guide you towards the most reliable predictions and tips circling around the launch of the Galaxy Note 20, from the specs you can expect to the best guess for the Note 20 launch date.

Even with the global health crisis causing havoc across the world, we're expecting the Galaxy Note 20 to launch more or less on schedule, and that means discerning smartphone buyers are going to have yet another top-class handset to seriously consider.

Read on to find out the Galaxy Note 20 spec leaks, rumoured pricing, confirmed features and much more – there's no better guide out there for learning about the upcoming Samsung flagship and how it's likely to fit into the line-up of the best smartphones of 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Price and release date

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Cast your mind back and you'll remember that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 broke cover on the 7th of August 2019, and we wouldn't bet against a similar sort of launch date for the Note 20. After all, remember that both the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S20 were launched in February (2019 and 2020 respectively) – Samsung likes to stick to a schedule.

Nothing we've heard from the rumour mill suggests that Samsung is going to deviate from its usual August slot for the Galaxy Note launch, even with Covid-19 around (the global pandemic may have pushed back the iPhone 12 launch). The Note 9 appeared in August too, back in 2018: it means there's a new Samsung Galaxy flagship every six months, and so far the schedule has worked very well.

As for pricing, the standard Note 10 started out at $949 / £869 / AU$1,499 without a contract, and we don't think Samsung will deviate too much from that this time around – the Galaxy S20 phone is available if people don't want to spend quite so much, after all. We might get some surprises at the same time, with the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 rumoured to be appearing at the same launch.

Last year we got the Galaxy Note 10, the Galaxy Note 10+, and (eventually) the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. This time around, the people in the know are pointing to at least a Note 20 and a Note 20+, but we'll have to wait and see exactly what Samsung is planning. If there is a Lite variant, it's likely to appear later in the year, or perhaps in 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: design and display

Samsung usually excels with its displays (TV, phone or otherwise), and the Galaxy Note 20 should be no different – we're hearing that as well as a 'waterfall' style display (where the edges are heavily curved), the phone might also come with a built-in projector, just in case the standard phone screen isn't enough for you.

We think we know that the Note 20 screen is going to come with a 120Hz refresh rate (which is pretty much par for the course for a flagship phone in 2020), though for now we haven't heard anything about the potential sizes of the displays being sported by the Note 20 or the Note 20+. For reference, the Note 10 had a 6.3-inch display and the Note 10+ had a 6.8-inch display.

According to one of the most reputable leakers on the web, we might even see an in-screen camera on the Note 20, which would make it the first Samsung device to come with the technology. It would mean a completely unblemished front display for the phone, but we're not sure that screen or camera tech has developed far enough yet for this to be included in the Note 20... maybe wait for the Note 21 for that one.

Based on recently published patents, the Note 20 phones may well come packing a host of biometric sensors for keeping tabs on your health – maybe even down to brain activity and cardiovascular health. Add in the S Pen stylus that traditionally accompanies Note devices, which may well get a few particular upgrades of its own, and this is shaping up to be a very interesting phone indeed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: specs and features

a close up of a cell phone: According to recent reports, the S20 Ultra's huge 100x zoom won't feature (Image credit: Samsung) © Provided by T3 According to recent reports, the S20 Ultra's huge 100x zoom won't feature (Image credit: Samsung)

The rear-facing camera is undoubtedly one of the key features of any smartphone these days, but the latest leaks suggest that the new flagship phone is not going to come packing the same 100x space-zoom monster camera seen in the S20 Ultra.

However, we can still expect to get some seriously high quality photos from the Galaxy Note 20. Remember that top-end S20 model has a quad-lens rear camera – 108 MP wide + 48 MP telephoto + 12 MP ultrawide + 0.3 MP time-of-flight – and so the Note 20 should have a camera setup built along similar lines.

Under the hood, all signs are pointing to the Snapdragon 865 or even the as-yet-unannounced Snapdragon 865+ processor, which would certainly give the phone a fair amount of oomph. As usual, that mobile CPU might be replaced by Samsung's own Exynos brand in certain parts of the world, but the performance should be broadly similar.

From what we've heard, the standard Note 20 will pack a 4,000mAh battery, and if there is a Note 20 Plus, then it should have a battery that's even bigger. As for storage, that's rumoured to start at 128GB, which is relatively low – perhaps pointing to a microSD expansion card slot, which the Note 10 didn't have (the Note 10+ did include it, though).


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