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When is the Artemis 1 launch? Time of Nasa take-off and how to watch from UK live

The i 14/11/2022 Jane Clinton
The Space Launch System rocket on Pad 39B at Kennedy Space Center (Photo:: John Raoux/AP) © Provided by The i The Space Launch System rocket on Pad 39B at Kennedy Space Center (Photo:: John Raoux/AP)

The much anticipated Artemis 1 launch is expected to take place this week. This will be the fourth launch attempt, as the previous ones had to be postponed after a number of setbacks. If all goes to plan there will be lift-off from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. Here is what we know.

What is the Artemis 1 launch?

The uncrewed moon-orbiting mission will be the first test flight in Nasa’s Artemis programme and the first of its Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft.

Orion’s dress rehearsal around the moon is the prelude a crewed test flight round the moon, set for 2024 (Artemis II) then an actual lunar landing by 2025 (Artemis III).

Nasa describes Artemis I as “the first in a series of increasingly complex missions to build a long-term human presence at the Moon for decades to come.

“The primary goals for Artemis I are to demonstrate Orion’s systems in a spaceflight environment and ensure a safe re-entry, descent, splashdown and recovery prior to the first flight with crew on Artemis II.”

Nasa also says it “will land the first woman and first person of colour on the Moon”.

The Artemis 1 mission is expected to last 25 days, 11 hours and 36 minutes and cover a distance of 1.3 million mile, with “splashdown” scheduled for 11 December 2022.

When is the Artemis 1 launch?

The launch is scheduled for 16 November 2022 at 6.04am GMT from Pad 39B of Nasa’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

In its Artemis 1 updates, Nasa says: “Meteorologists with the US Space Force Space Launch Delta 45 currently predict 90 per cent favourable weather conditions for the Artemis I launch targeted for 16 November. Lift-off is scheduled for 1.04 am (EST) with a two-hour launch window.”

According to, this latest launch attempt for Nasa’s Artemis 1 moon mission “will actually begin on Tuesday 15 November when Nasa begins to fuel the Space Launch System rocket. That fuelling process is expected to begin at 3.30 pm EST (8.30pm GMT).”

Nasa’s launch day webcast will have guests including Chris Evans and Jack Black.

Why has Artemis 1 been delayed?

Nasa’s Artemis 1 mission has been delayed for months. Several launch attempts including on 29 August, 3 September and 27 September were postponed owing to technical issues and the weather.

The potential for a hurricane put paid to the 27 September launch. While this latest attempt is scheduled for 16 November, Nasa is keeping a close eye on the weather and will be making regular Artemis 1 updates.

How can I watch it?

You can watch the Artemis 1 launch live on the Nasa Youtube channel here.


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