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Celebrity talk show host Scott McGlynn 'knows' who remaining Masked Singer contestants are

Birmingham Mail 28/01/2023 Katy Hallam
Scott is convinced he has cracked six of the remaining celebs © Scott McGlynn TikTok @scottmcglynnofficial Scott is convinced he has cracked six of the remaining celebs

A celebrity talk show host is certain he has figured out exactly who the celebrities behind the remaining costumes are on The Masked Singer UK. Scott McGlynn regularly rubs shoulders with big names for his job.

And the Welsh actor, author, LGBT activist and digital influencer is convinced he knows who Fawn, Rhino, Phoenix, Jellyfish, Otter and Knitting are. He might be one of the best guessers out there, as he moves in celebrity circles.

He is the creator of The Scott McGlynn Show celebrity gossip podcast, which has featured several celebrity guests including Perez Hilton, David Yost, Anthony Bowens and various contestants from RuPaul's Drag Race.

Scott is also behind Celebrity Skin Talks on Instagram, a series featuring interviews with celebrities focusing on their skincare problems. He took to TikTok to explain his guesses and the clues that explain why...


Scott said: "I really think now Phoenix is Craig Horwood from Strictly because they mentioned about Strictly being in there. Also did you notice he was getting fed a drink in a disco ball, so I think it could be him now.

"Very out there, they're very camp. Dancery as well, just very dancer leg kicking stuff and he's all about that."


"I really do think it is Amber Riley from Glee. Because she was a judge on a panel and I think Jonathan said there were a couple of clues in there and stuff, so I do think it could be her.

"Now listening more I can kind of here her voice in there so yes, the clues are coming out."


For Otter, I really do think it's Miranda Hart and this is why. So the height, obviously its very tall. Comedian we all know that.

Miranda is very tall and she's a comedian. Plus the BAFTA we saw as well, she was nominee six times in the BAFTAs. So I think that's like a little clue there as well.

So Miranda Hart. She loves a good sing and dance so yeah I think it is her.


"Sticking to my guns on this one. Knitting is Claire from Steps 100%.

"The church I though was a clue because they did that music video in a church. Tragedy they did that music video in that church, thought that was a clue.

"But yeah everybody knows it's Claire, everybody knows it's Claire from Steps. Just got that mask off hunny."


"So Fawn I have changed my mind. Couple of things that I picked up on as well like the double thing, I think Davina said it but I saw like 2+.

"I definitely now know that she is English so one, or maybe one of the two of these people I think it may be, but it could be either Natalie or Nicole Appleton from All Saints.

"They went on their own...they'vbe always been togeter as a double in their career so it could be one of them I think."


"Rhino. I'm still torn. It's either James Arthur or Charlie Simpson.

"100% it's one of them two. I bet my life on it. It's definitely one of them two.

"I'm still on the fence on who it is but one of them, for sure."

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