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Jaime Winstone pays tribute to Barbara Windsor after Eastenders flashback episode

Birmingham Mail 07/09/2022 Laura Williams
Jaime played Peggy in the flashback episode © PA Jaime played Peggy in the flashback episode

Actress Jaime Winstone has paid tribute to Dame Barbara Windsor after BBC Eastenders aired a special flashback episode. Jaime played the young Peggy Mitchell in an episode set in the 70's.

Barbara made the role of Peggy famous however Jaimie stepped into her shoes for an episode that looked at the history of the Mitchell family. Fans met Peggy's husband Eric for the first time ever.

The episode also revealed the true reason why DI Keeble is determined to destroy the Mitchell family. Eric took Phil and Grant on their first 'dodgy job'. Peggy objected however Eric reacted with violence - it was hinted that this was a regular occurrence.

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Phil's cousins Billy and his brother Charlie also tagged along, as Eric took Grant and Phil to a warehouse nearby to rob the joint of VHS players. The plan involved a security guard - who was in on the plan - allowing them enough time to grab what they wanted while his colleague was out.

However, the second guard returned early and fought the Mitchell's during the robbery. Billy lost his footing on the ladder and injured his ankle with Eric insisting that they leave Billy behind.

Phil refused and Eric attempted to pressure him into shooting the guard as he had seen their faces. Eric snatched the gun away and a shot was heard from outside as Phil and Grant helped Billy out of the warehouse.

The security guard that died turned out to be Keeble's father as a scene showed a policeman arriving at her home to tell her mother, Mrs Keeble, that her husband her died.

In the present day, Keeble told Phil that she blames Billy for her dad's death as Billy was the one that acquired the gun. After the episode aired, Jaime posted some behind-the-scenes snaps on her Instagram.

She began: "I’ve just wrapped on playing Peggy.

"Just feeling extremely grateful right now, to play a dear friend of mine who is no longer with us – Barbara. I just want to say thank you for this opportunity. There were so many different signs that she came to me and said that I should go ahead and do this."

"I just want to say thank you, Barbara, thank you everyone. Thank you for all these amazing opportunities, you’ve opened so many doors for me, such a beautiful person.

"I hope I did you justice."


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