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Molly-Mae Hague fights back tears after day out disaster as fans say 'don't beat yourself up'

Birmingham Mail 30/03/2023 James Rodger

Molly-Mae Hague has fought back tears after a disastrous post-baby shopping trip. The influencer and social media creative said: "Nothing fits."

Love Island star Molly-Mae took baby Bambi on a shopping trip, and later shared the tot in a cute Zara baby tracksuit. Molly-Mae shared a sweet clip to her Instagram, as she held the baby in her hands.

But the 23-year-old also had a nightmare herself. "Don’t mind me just practicing how I’m going to drop Bambi off at school (lies, I’ll be in a dressing gown). @beauty_worksonline back with the hair looks! Wearing shade MollyMae. Use code MOLLY10," she wrote.

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On her Instagram Story, things were a far cry from her pristine appearance on her grid, though. The 23-year-old described herself as a "mess" in Zara.

"Just tried everything on that I got in Zara but nothing fitted," she wrote. "The struggle of not knowing what size to buy after you have a baba is real."

"You’re not a regular mom, you’re a cool mom," one fan wrote. "She’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom," said a second. Dionne said: "Your doing great young lady. Don’t beat yourself up about raising a child, it’s no easy task but your smashing it already x."

It comes days after Molly-Mae sparked concern with an emotional YouTube vlog. “I feel like there’s just so much to say and so much to talk about that I literally don’t know where to start," she said.

“I don’t feel like I’m being myself, and I don’t know why I’m getting upset but I feel like I’m questioning everything I’m saying and what are people going to think if I say that.” Breaking down, she added: “Nothing I say is making sense. My brain is jumbled and I don’t feel like myself. It’s not that I need more time to come back because I do feel ready to come back and want more than anything to come back to YouTube.

“I want it more than anything but maybe I’ve left it too long and I have so much to say that I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.”

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