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'Tarnished' - Pundit launches rant after this moment in Aston Villa's draw with Man United

Birmingham Mail logo Birmingham Mail 03/12/2019 Ben Husband

Danny Murphy has claimed that Tyrone Mings' goal vs Manchester United, was the clearest example so far of VAR ruining footballl.

The England defender struck Aston Villa level after converting an acrobatic volley to make the score 2-2.

That goal came only moments after United had gone in to the lead and marked a wonderful recovery for Dean Smith's men.

However, Mings barely celebrated the goal, believing the goal may be subsequently ruled out by VAR.

a man playing a game of football: Man United players appeal for offside following Mings' strike © Getty Images Man United players appeal for offside following Mings' strike

Villa have had a number of efforts disallowed after the fact, something that has clearly impacted both players and fans, who held off wild celebrations until the goal was confirmed.

And Murphy who scored a number of vital goals at Old Trafford, feels the new technology tarnished the moment for Mings.

“If you ever want a moment in a football match, to encapsulate my views on what VAR is taking away from the game, it was Tyrone Mings’ equaliser for Villa," he told talkSPORT.

“This is a young fella who’s come through the hard way, in terms of him being a mortgage advisor. He’s worked his way up to play for his country, playing in the Premier League.

“He’s probably dreamt of scoring goals at big stadiums, like we all did, like I did. You work your whole life for those moments.

“And what happens is, he smashes in a volley, he doesn’t celebrate, jogs back up, back into his position, telling his mates: ‘No, no, no, leave me alone.’ Shrugging his shoulders and he’s not celebrated a maybe once in a lifetime moment of scoring a massively important goal for Villa at Old Trafford.

Murphy added: “The fans aren’t really celebrating properly again because of the pause and having to wait for VAR. Now you know we can bang on about right decisions and wrong decisions and the 8% difference, the 9% difference it’s going to give us.

“If that doesn’t make it wrong for me, ask any footballer, that moment has been tarnished for him forever.

“I was fortunate enough to score big goals, in big games, especially at Old Trafford, that’s why it resonated with me. I don’t apologise for bringing it up because they were the best moments of my career. That moment of euphoria when the adrenaline pumps through your body. Now subliminally, players are stopping it. Because you think, ‘Oh no’.

“That is wrong, it’s wrong for the game. Wrong for him. Tyrone Mings can’t celebrate a goal at Old Trafford? Normally you have a quick look, the flag isn’t up, we are going over to the fans, we’re celebrating, with that elation that comes.

“He’s lost that opportunity because of this desire to make the game perfect.

“It’s the most iconic moment of the season so far for me, of VAR ruining football.”


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