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World's Fastest Electric Motorcycle Can Exceed Speeds Of 250mph

A British engineering company has created the world's fastest electric motorcycle. Dubbed the WMC250EV by White Motorcycle Concepts the bike incorporates a revolutionary aerodynamic concept and can exceed speeds of up to 250mph (400kmh). The e-bike is capable of such incredible speeds thanks to its three market-disruptive technologies which include WMC’s ultra-low drag system called V-air. This features a large duct at the centre of the bike which forces air through the bike, rather than around it reducing the aerodynamic resistance by 70% compared to the market-leading high performance road bike. Rob White, White Motorcycle Concepts’ Founder and CEO, will attempt to break both the British and world electric land speed records. "If you want to demonstrate to the rest of the world that you’ve just invented a new aerodynamic concept that means you can go faster for a given power, the best thing to do is go as fast you can." said White. White will attempt to break the British land-speed record for an electric motorcycle later this year with an attempt at the world record scheduled for 2022.
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