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‘Your A-Level results don’t really matter’: Stars including Jeremy Clarkson and Matt Haig share pearls of wisdom on results day

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 10/08/2021 Abbianca Makoni
Molly Jergenson et al. standing next to a person: A-Level results © PA A-Level results

Stars including Jeremy Clarkson and Matt Haig have written to encourage students to look past their A-Level grades if they’ve failed.

Pupils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland received their A-level results on Tuesday morning, after exams were cancelled for the second year in a row due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Teachers in England submitted pupils’ grades - drawing on mock exams, coursework, and in-class assessments using questions by exam boards.

There were concerns ahead of results day on how fair this process would be and how difficult it would make it for universities to select students accurately and fairly.

But former Top Gear host Clarkson shared a message to his followers in the early morning , writing: “If the teachers didn’t give you the A level results you were hoping for, don’t worry.

“I got a C and 2Us and I’ve ended up happy, with loads of friends and a Bentley.”

The now annual post is usually met with ridicule online, and this year was no different.

One person said: “Anyone know Jeremy Clarkson’s A level results?” asked one person, alongside a screenshot of seven previous times Clarkson had tweeted about his A Level grades and current expensive possessions.

Novelist Matt Haig also jumped on the motivational bandwagon and tweeted: “ Good luck to everyone getting their A-Levels. Hope you get the ones you wanted.

“I was pissed off with my A Levels. But a month later at my not-top-choice university met an amazing human I’d one day marry. Present bad luck can be future good luck in disguise. Hope it works out”

But Gary Lineker shared his own pearls of wisdom and encouraged students not “to get too pissed off with those telling you how brilliantly they’ve done in life regardless of getting rubbish results themselves .”

Comedian Matt Watson had an altogether different take:

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