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Heathrow in 28 mins: Price of Crossrail airport premium revealed

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 24/05/2022 Ross Lydall

Fast train travel to and from Heathrow will cost almost 60 per cent less on Crossrail than on the Heathrow Express, the Standard can reveal.

Transport for London has confirmed the fares that will be imposed now the Elizabeth line has opened to passengers.

These will match Tube prices other than at Heathrow, but fare capping will limit the amount that passengers are charged each day.

The £20bn scheme received royal approval yesterday when the Queen made a surprise visit to Paddington station and told Transport for London commissioner Andy Byford: “It looks spectacular.”

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Ticket prices currently in use on the TfL Rail services between Paddington and Heathrow, which will be incorporated into the Elizabeth line, will be retained - meaning a single airport journey will cost £10.70 off peak and £12.70 at peak times.

By comparison, the direct Heathrow Express service - which takes 15 minutes and runs more frequently between the airport and Paddington - costs £25.

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However, Elizabeth line passengers will pay a £7.20 “Heathrow premium” compared with the same journey on the Tube - but the journey will be about twice as quick.

A single Tube journey between zone one and the airport costs £3.50 off peak and £5.50 at peak times - weekdays between 6.30am-9.30am and 4pm-7pm.

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The Tube takes about 56 minutes from Paddington and requires at least one change of train.

The Elizabeth line will take 28 minutes from Paddington to reach the airport because it will call at six intermediate stations, including Ealing Broadway and Southall.

Except for Heathrow, Elizabeth line fares will be identical to those charged for the London Underground.

Passengers will also benefit from fare capping and will spend no more than £14.10 a day if they use the Tube or bus in addition to Crossrail. Contactless payments will be accepted across the entire 73-mile line.

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Direct services to Heathrow will not start until the Autumn.

Until then, Elizabeth line passengers will have to change at Paddington, switching from the Crossrail station to the mainline station.

Transport for London is imposing the Heathrow premium to increase revenue from the Elizabeth line.

The delay in opening the line - it is three-and-a-half years late - has lost it £600m in fares.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, writing in the Standard on Wednesday, warned that TfL should not expect another Government bailout when its current deal expires on June 24.

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He said bailouts founded by the UK taxpayer were not “fair and sustainable” and added: “The close to £5 billion this Government has given Transport for London is more than enough to make up for lost ticket revenue.”

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