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UK’s first Omicron death ‘was unvaccinated conspiracy theorist’

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 16/12/2021 Luke O'Reilly
Coronavirus – Wed Dec 15, 2021 © PA Wire Coronavirus – Wed Dec 15, 2021

The first person to die from the Omicron variant in the UK was an unvaccinated conspiracy theorist, it has been claimed.

A man, giving his name only as John, made the claim after phoning in to Nick Ferrari’s radio show on LBC

John, from Smithfield said his sister told him that his stepfather had died from Omicron in a hospital in Northampton.

He said he knew it was his stepdad because his sister had been informed by doctors at the hospital.

The claim was made on Nick Ferrari’s LBC show (PA) (PA Wire) © Provided by Evening Standard The claim was made on Nick Ferrari’s LBC show (PA) (PA Wire)

“He wasn’t vaccinated at all”, John said of his stepfather.

“My sister, she’s gutted – but on the other hand she’s a little bit angry that he never took these vaccines.

“She did have an argument with him at the end of October about this very thing, getting vaccinated.

Video: Minister confuses omicron hospitalisation figures, makes fumbling remarks (Indy 100)

“He thought it was a conspiracy. He was an intelligent man but it’s all these different things you are getting from online and different media things – about oh it’s not real – conspiracy theories really.”

He said his stepdad died on Monday after falling ill at the beginning of the month.

“I didn’t have a relationship with him, my sister did,” he said.

“From what she told me, they [doctors] phoned her every day.”

John said his stepfather initially looked like he was doing better before going “downhill”.

“He was fit, he ate healthy, he didn’t smoke, he hadn’t drunk in 30 years near enough.”

He added that if his stepdad had been vaccinated he might still be alive.

“Had he been vaccinated, he would probably still be here. He might be ill, but he’d still be here.

“If you’re vaccinated and you’ve got your booster, you should be alright. It’s the ones that haven’t got it, they’re the ones that need to be worried now,” he said.

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