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Woman with underlying health problems forced to go without hot water or heating for three weeks

Manchester Evening News logo Manchester Evening News 25/10/2021 Adam Maidment

A resident in Trafford who has been left with no heating or hot water for three weeks says she has developed a chest infection because of the cold.

Marcia McCaulsky, 54, says she has been left waiting for Trafford Housing Trust to fix her boiler at her property on Grafton Court in Old Trafford.

Marcia, who has a number of underlying health issues, says she has been told the long wait has been caused by issues securing a specialist part for the boiler.

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“Three weeks ago, I realised my boiler just completely stopped working,” Marcia told the M.E.N.

“I’ve had instances before where I’ve had to shut the entire system down completely in the middle of the night because it would shake so hard that I feared it would blow up.

“I reported it and they said they would come back, but I’m still waiting and it’s getting colder and colder.

“They know of my health conditions and now I’ve got a chest infection. When I complained three weeks ago, I didn't have a cold or chest infection.

“I’ve rung them up and all they can say is that they’re waiting for a part to arrive. I’ve said, don’t you understand the seriousness of this?

Marcia says she has been left waiting three weeks for her boiler to be replaced (generic image) © PA Marcia says she has been left waiting three weeks for her boiler to be replaced (generic image)

“I’m having to wear layers of clothes and I’m having to boil hot water in the kettle just to have a wash.

“I can’t use my washing machine because there’s no hot water.”

Marcia said she had similar issues in December last year when the heating went down for the entire building. On Christmas Eve, her heating stopped working again and she said she had to wait until January to get it fixed.

When complaining to Trafford Housing Trust, Marcia said they provided her with blow heaters but because she’s on benefits, she says she can’t use them.

"They’ve given me some blow heaters but they’re just wiping my electricity,” she explains.

“They said they will compensate me but it’s not about that, I'm not like ordinary people.

“Because of my condition, I could be dead by the time I get that compensation due to living in a cold house.”

Grafton Court, Old Trafford © MEN Grafton Court, Old Trafford

Marcia said she is also unable to leave her home for long periods of time because of her health conditions, so visiting others is not an option for her.

“I’m at breaking point,” she added.

“I’ve seen 80-year-old people in this building and if this happened to one of them then god forbid.”

Trafford Housing Trust said they have since been in contact with Marcia and have arranged for a boiler repair to take place on Monday (October 25).

A spokesperson for Trafford Housing Trust said: “We have apologised to Ms McCaulsky for the recent loss of hot water and heating due to a faulty boiler: the delay to the repair was caused by the need to order a specialist part which was difficult to source.

“This has now been resolved and the repair is due to take place on Monday (October 25), and in the mean time we have provided temporary heating.

“The health and wellbeing of our customers is a top priority, and we continue to work with our suppliers to provide the best service we can.”

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