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Scientists find mystery liquid that smells like rich wine in 2,000-year-old tomb

Mirror logo Mirror 08/11/2018 Gabriel Zamfir
The bronze pot containing the liquid unearthed from a Western Han Dynasty tomb © AsiaWire The bronze pot containing the liquid unearthed from a Western Han Dynasty tomb

Archaeologists have discovered a yellowish liquid that that smells like a "rich wine" inside a 2,000-year-old tomb.

The white wine-looking beverage was found in the city of Luoyang in central China's Henan Province.

According to local media, it was discovered inside a tomb from the Western Han Dynasty, which lasted from around 207 BC to 25 AD.

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The drink was stored inside a bronze pot and when boffins poured it into a measuring glass it gave off the "aroma of rich wine".

Archaeologists said that there was 3.5 litres of the yellowish liquid, adding that further tests are needed to establish its exact ingredients.

© Credits: AsiaWire

According to reports, the ancient site also had numerous clay and bronze artefacts and that the remains of the tomb's occupant were very well-preserved.

The tomb is reportedly 210 square metres (2,260 square feet) in size and further research will take place in the main chamber.

© Credits: AsiaWire

The bronze pot that contained the ancient booze is one of two large items currently under examination.

The other is a lamp in the shape of a wild goose, according to reports.

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Rice wine from the same period has been discovered in other burial sites going back to the Western Han Dynasty.

Experts said that liquor made from rice or sorghum grains was an integral part of celebrations and sacrificial ceremonies in ancient China.

The Western Han is considered a prosperous period in the Han Dynasty, and included an advanced grasp of politics, economy and culture.

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