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Most Affectionate Cat Breeds 2022: 10 of the most loving breeds of cute cat

The Scotsman logo The Scotsman 6 days ago Graham Falk

Here are 10 cat breeds most likely to show you love and affection.

© The sweetest little face, huh? Cr: Getty Images/Canva Pro

Adored by many households across the world, cats have been worshipped for literally hundreds of years.

© With their beautiful long coats, Persian breeds are very calm and composed, but still very affection...

And once you’ve been in the company of these adorable creatures, it’s hard to understand why anyone wouldn’t be obsessed!

© The Maine Coon have links back to the Vikings and very often affectionate, with a love for all areas...

It is reported that the average cat owner actually own a minimum of two cats – though we are sure you may know some with many more.

© Low maintenance and loving, the Ragdoll breed of cat are know to follow humans from room to room.

While cats are very independent in comparison to many domestic pets, they are still very affectionate animals that love a stroke and a ‘head boop.’

© Syhnyx cats loe warmth due to their lack of fur, so are often seen enjoying a cosy up with their hum...

So, if you are looking to add a new furry friend to your household, these are reported the most affectionate cat breeds worldwide*, according to thesprucepets.

© With their beautiful blue eyes and stunning coat, Birman cats will often play with any companions, n...

*While cat breeds do share similar traits, we advise each cat do have their own personality and individual needs, which is of primary importance when taking a cat into your home. Please be aware of this if adopting a cat.

© The adaptable, most commonly seen 'shorthair' is fond of love, and attention. They often love to be ...

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