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Cow rescued after falling into 15ft deep well in Thailand

A hapless cow was rescued after falling into a 15ft-deep abandoned well in northern Thailand. The female breeder cow was eating grass in the farm when she mistakenly stepped on the well’s cover which then collapsed in Chiang Rai province on April 1. The animal plummeted into the hole and was trapped below until a resident heard her crying and called the rescuers for help. The well was too narrow for an officer to climb down and the cow was too heavy to lift so they requested for a backhoe from local officials dig up the the soil around it instead. When the excavator had reached enough depth, it then carefully demolished parts of the concrete well before rescuers went down to tie the animal into a harness. The rope was attached to the backhoe which was used to lift the cow out of the hole. The weary cow was checked for injuries but she only had light wounds on the head and limbs. Rescue officer Chisnakurn Janja said the rescue operation lasted three hours because the animal was too heavy and the hole was too deep. He said: ‘We could not drag her out with a rope as the well was too deep and too narrow so we decided to use a backhoe to dig the well. ‘She was injured on her head and front legs and was unable to move for a moment. The rescuers gave her some first aid and was back on her feet after 30 minutes. The cow’s owner thanked the team and was relieved that his prized animal worth 30,000 baht (700 GBP) was saved. He said: ‘I am thankful for the rescuers who put their effort in saving my cow. She was new to the place. I bought her two months ago was not familiar with the area yet so she usually wanders around.’
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