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Ethiopia's expanding civil war: 'We see a very worrying trajectory'

William Davison, Senior Analyst at the International Crisis Group, joins François Picard for in-depth analysis on the escalating clashes in the brutal year-long civil war in Ethiopia. What began as a conflict in the northern Tigray region has spread to neighboring provinces, including the Amhara region currently in the midst of a growing insurgency. 'There is no real prospect of a political solution to these (multiple) conflicts,' warns Mr. Davison. There are even reports of weaponized hunger and ethnic cleansing, among other war crimes. Further exacerbating this incredibly complex and volatile situation, Mr. Davison explains that as Ethiopia's economic situation continues to worsen, 'Ethiopia also has deteriorating diplomatic relations with its previously-stable western partners and deteriorating relations with Sudan' over multiple disputes. 'So there is a view from the outside that this is a very worrying trajectory that the country is on, and could lead to the further destabilization of this vitally important horn of Africa nation.'
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