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Portrait of Britain: The nation in front of the lens

Photos logoPhotos 05/09/2016

© British Journal of Photography/JC Decaux Portrait of Britain is an art exhibition taking place across the U.K. from Sept. 1 to Sept. 30, 2016. It is organized by the British Journal of Photography in collaboration with JCDecaux, and will be displayed on digital screens in rail and roadside location across the country.

Along with some familiar names such as the Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain, Faithless singer Maxi Jazz and Grime artist Stormzy, the subjects of the images are everyday people.

© Eliza Tamo/British Journal of Photography/JC Decaux Photographer Eliza Tamo: “This is Auguste meeting her great grand daughter, Poppy Parthenope. Auguste is German. She met James during the Second World War in Germany and he brought her to Wales. For the first few years, people would throw bricks at their house. They had 11 children."

© Mark Harrison/Courtesy of British Journal of Photography/JC Decaux Photographer Mark Harrison: “The best thing to come out of the TV show ‘Bake Off’, Nadiya is, for me, a positive and iconic, optimistic face of Britain today.”

© Chris Baker/Courtesy of British Journal of Photography/JC Decaux Photographer Chris Baker: “‘Sunday Football’ is my love letter to the game that consumed me for so many years. A visual interpretation of the beloved game at amateur level. An ode to those players that turn up late, hungover and discussing last night’s conquest.

© Dylan Collard/Courtesy of British Journal of Photography/JC Decaux Forever Boys : Jim by Photographer Dylan Collard

The exhibition is intended to be a celebration of the country’s exclusive heritage and diversity.

Simon Bainbridge, editorial director of the British Journal of Photography said, "We wanted to show diversity in terms of who is being photographed, but we also wanted to see different ways of photographing. These are pictures that we all take in everyday life, but raised to a higher level by selecting, editing and presenting them in such a wide-ranging public exhibition.”

© Christoph Soeder/Courtesy of British Journal of Photography/JC Decaux Photographer Christoph Soeder: “The image shows Emily, who works as a nurse in intensive care in Swindon. The image is part of the series Unfading, which features women affected by alopecia, a hair loss disease which is thought to be related to the immune system, but the exact cause of which is unknown. Emily first faced hair loss not long before the photograph was taken and said that her work in intensive care helps her accept the condition and put it into context.”

© Bill Knight/Courtesy of British Journal of Photography/JC Decaux Photographer Bill Knight: “Vanessa Babirye was photographed at the Royal Court Theatre in London with her eldest sister Vivian. Vanessa, standing behind Vivian, is an actor whose latest TV appearance is in Ackee & Saltfish. She was inspired to become an actor through Shakespeare at school and appeared as Tybalt in the 2014 National Theatre production of Romeo and Juliet. Vivian is three years older. She has a learning disability and is a community support worker. The family came from Kampala, Uganda as refugees and their mother died in 2010. Vanessa says that Vivian is the happiest person you will ever meet.”

© Chris O'Donovan/Courtesy of British Journal of Photography/JC Decaux Tina, Paul and baby Harleigh, by Photographer Chris O'Donovan

© Andrew Shaylor/Courtesy of British Journal of Photography/JC Decaux Photographer Andrew Shaylor: “Beth Costerton photographed for ‘This Is Me’, an exhibition of 50 portraits of children who have down syndrome”

© Samuel Bradley/Courtesy of British Journal of Photography/JC Decaux Photographer Samuel Bradley: ”From an ongoing series of portraits inspired by mannerist painting; exploring the heterosexual male gaze when applied to male subjects. Those who are observant of beauty only in women, and are moved little or not at all by the beauty of men, seldom have an impartial, vital, inborn instinct for beauty in art.” – Johann Joachim Winckelmann.

© Kelvin Murray/Courtesy of British Journal of Photography/JC Decaux Chicken Mascot by Photographer Kelvin Murray

The winning images from the exhibition can be viewed at and many of them will be available to buy as art prints from

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