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Residents slam 'ridiculous' plan to turn North West London accountants into mosque

MyLondon 02/02/2023 Grant Williams
Residents have slammed a plan to convert an accountants into a mosque © Sterling Planning Residents have slammed a plan to convert an accountants into a mosque

North West London residents have blasted plans to turn an accountants office into a mosque, calling them ‘ridiculous’. More than 100 neighbours have raised concerns about the proposal, which is to be reviewed by the council’s planning team next week.

The applicant wants to convert Frasers chartered accountants on Kingsbury Road in Brent into a place of worship for local Muslims, which will also house a community hall. Brent Council’s planning officers have recommended the plans for approval despite it receiving 125 objections.

Residents claim there wouldn’t be enough parking for the worshippers, it would increase traffic in the area, and be bad for local businesses. One said they “object whole-heartedly” as the location is unsuitable for a mosque.

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They said: “This is a ridiculous idea. The space is tiny. I am sure cramming that many people into such a small space has health & safety implications. I am particularly concerned about the traffic in and around my home - especially on Friday afternoons.

“I am not [against] a new place of worship but it needs to be more thought out. There are plenty of commercial units [and] warehouses that are sitting empty.”

The site currently has space for up to six cars, with the plan suggesting there would be one additional space created. Council officers have confirmed that the prayer hall would be able to accommodate up to 40 worshippers at a time, plus the Imam, but some residents have questioned how this would work.

One said: “It seems the applicant has not seriously considered the needs of the worshippers. The number of worshippers for Friday prayers and Eid are limited to 40. Whose responsibility would it be to manage these numbers?”

They added: “Do worshippers have to book their place for the day they wish to attend? This will be ridiculous as worshippers should enter freely.”

Another said: “ This is my local shopping centre, I take my disabled mother shopping and try to park at her Westminster bank which is opposite the proposed mosque. With the prospect of hundreds of extra cars, I will not be able to park at all.”

Some residents came out in support of the plans, suggesting the area needs a mosque for members of the local community to attend, as well as providing a boost to local businesses.

One said: “I come to Kingsbury for work on a daily basis, I think it will be great if a local Islamic community centre is available for people like myself to go and worship in. This will be brilliant for the local community as well.”

Another added: “This will be a brilliant opportunity for local residents to go and pray in, I am a local shopkeeper and myself and staff currently travel for a local masjid. For us, this will be very good. Will also be good for local business as it will bring more customers.”

Brent Council’s planning committee will vote on the plan at a meeting on February 8.


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